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Oct 24, 2008
OMG!! I am so excited!! My coaches finally told us today where we are going to preform on the 28th!! Guess where!!! New York!! I am so excited!! They even said that we could see the Macy's Day Parade!! YAY!! I get to see my sister after six years!! I know its been like forever!! She gets to see me preform. My mom, dad, and my brother are going to go there with me!! So far everything is going great. Practice is better since my ankle is healing, except I have to wear an ankle brace for a while. The only bad thing is that my coaches won't tell us where we are preforming yet :eek:!! They want us to be anxious for the meet. But they say that we have to work really hard till the meet, because they said that the girls we are going against are really good and that we have to be better, but they say to still have fun. I will try to post a thread saying how it went, and I might post pictures if my mom or dad or brother takes some of me. Wish me luck!! Have a great Thanksgiving, I know I will. lol :)


Wow that's awesome :) New York is definitely like the coolest city in the USA, and its a lot of fun during the holiday season. Have fun!!


WOW 6 YEARS! That is awhile, I hope you guys can catch up with each other after all that time, and good luck at your meet.
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