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Can you guys explain to me what exactly having "open shoulders" means? This , my DD's coach says is her biggest problem. Thanks!! Jodi
usaly 'open shoulders' means the gymnasts are are not far enough behind their ears. if the arms are in frount of the ear shoulders are said to be closed
i hope that helps
Here is a video of Shawn Johnson's bars from a few years ago. She used to have very closed shoulders. Watch the first few handstands - she has a definite shoulder angle. A few times she casts to handstand, quickly straightens this angle, then goes back to a closed shoulder angle. You can even see this in her kips and swings under the bar.
YouTube - 2006 Gymnix Shawn Johnson Uneven Bars Event Final

Now watch this video of Nastia Liuken. You can see she fully extends her shoulders and reaches a true straight handstand and full extension in her kips. This is partly why the Chinese are known for their bar work - they always have very open shoulders. This straight body line makes for cleaner, better swings on bars.
YouTube - Nastia Liukin - 2008 American Cup - Uneven Bars

As Jes said - open shoulders means the arms are behind the ear, closed shoulders the arms are in front of the ear. Shoulder flexibility is really important here - you won't be able to have open shoulders without good shoulder flexibility.
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