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Nov 5, 2007
My daughter will have her first privat lesson ever since she has been in gym(about 5 years).Actually we are splitting the lesson with another girl.
She has her first real Level 9 meet comming up next weekend.I don't know if this will make a difference but she seems to do pretty well for this coach.It almost seems she does better for her. I hope this will improve her confidence.
They will be working on bars and floor.


I would just make sure that both your DD and the coach know exactly what they want to work on. Sometimes the coach wants to work on something different, and if it is your money, you and your DD should be able to decide what you feel the lessons is best used on.

Can't wait to hear how she does!


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Sep 4, 2008
Dallas, TX
We have done a couple over the years and I do think it's better to split a private.. They get too tired when they are alone. Good luck with her 1st Level 9 Meet... Would love to hear about it!!!

Nov 5, 2007
That was my excect thought too.They have to take some rest periods in between.So splitting the lesson just seemed goog to me.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
My gymmie does not like privates at all. She's rarely done them so I know when she asks for 1 then she feels the need. Last week she came out after practice and said she and another girl would be doing a private together the next day after practice to work on bars/vault. Her coach came out a few minutes later and asked me if it was ok---said she thought one might help, but my gymmie came to her asking for a private and she knows how gymmie feels about privates so if ok with me, said she would be glad to do one.

The private went well. Coach let them direct what they needed work on, so they spent 20 min on vault and 40 on bars. Yes, splitting the time gave them both a chance to take a short break and it was cheaper.

BTW--The extra time did help her out!!!
Nov 5, 2007
The privat went well.They did bars,floor and even beam.Hubby took her since I had to work.She did all her floorpasses and started doing them in different corners.So far she has only done them in to one corner were they had a mat.She now does a bhs 1 1/2 punch front,fhs whip pike and fhs full tuck.
Bars is her weakest and she has do work on connecting the 1/2 pirouette kip cast overshoot.Tends to slow down to much before the overshoot but does it fine when she works on the individual skill.Also still working on keeping her feet up,so she does not touch the ground when she comes out of the overshoot.
Beam still freaks her out at times but was able to stick one bhs bhs.
Also got a message from the coach not to worry about it she is ready for her first meet.
Will let you know how it went.
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