Progress! (finally!)

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Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
I just got back from gymnastics, and i feel like i made a lot of progress today!! First we went to beam. Well, i did really good on beam after i split the beam on my leap..., but i recovered from that and moved onto back walk overs. I finally got over my fear and did them on a medium beam by myself and a low high beam by myself, and on the high beam with someones hand there!!! And then on floor, i tryed front layouts, and they didn't really work for me but i am proud of myself for trying! :) And on bars i did my flyaway into the pit with a mat in it and i landed ON MY FEET!! How unusal for me! I usually land face first, but i did 2 today and landed on me feet!!!!!!!!! Sorry for bragging, but i am just so excited!


congrats gymfan! yes, it is awesome to land on your feet every once in a while.
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