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Proud Parent
Jan 22, 2019
Hey there!
I am European and recently found out about booster clubs on here.
And have some questions, about these clubs:
  • Are they organized by the school or the partents? If parents, is it like a PTA organization?
  • How are these clubs funded? By the school, government or fundraisers
  • Is there a similar name for them in Europe?
Either way, I can see that a lot of high schools are very sports driven in the US. I was wondering if this can be accredited to the so called booster clubs. And as far as I can tell there’s different kinds? Like Athletic booster clubs, band booster clubs and they even have school art programs?
Kindest Regards,
Our booster club is run and organized by the parents. It is also a 501c3 corporation, which means it is a not for profit organization which has guidelines set by the IRS. Booster club do not have to be not for profit. Each type organization has its plus and minuses. So, you'll have to determine which set up best meets your needs.

Our club is fully funded by fundraisers and donations. Most if not all programs supporting athletic or other school programs are run pretty much the same in that fundraising is the major source of support.
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