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Random question...

Discussion in 'Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)' started by MinnieGymMom, May 15, 2018.

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  1. I was just curious...whats the highest score you've seen in person at a meet?
  2. I saw a 10 at a level 10 meet once. But as far as JO levels, we had a girl go 9.925 on level 3 vault this year, which was HUGE for our area.
  3. Thats funny! One of our level threes did that as well this season. We also had a level 10 from our gym get a 9.9 on vault
  4. I had an Xcel Silver girl get a 9.95 on bars this season (with a kip!) as well as a Bronze girl, but 9.9 scores aren't totally uncommon in this area at the Xcel levels. At the Bronze state meet there was a 10 on vault and another one on bars.
  5. I have never seen anything above a 9.8 here in my home state in levels 4-8. We had a girl score a 9.9 on beam in AZ. It would be around a 9.6 here
  6. We saw a level 10 get 9.8 on a yurchenko 1.5...my goodness it was awesome.
  7. Saw an 8 year old Comparable to level 2/3 get a 15 out of a 15.7 SV. That was huge, since it's under FIG scoring
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  8. One of our girls level 6 got a 10 on vault in an overseas competition in last year. It was incredible
  9. saw several 9.8, 9.9 and 9.95s this year with level 3. 9.9 on floor lots of 9.8s on vault 9.95 on bars at the state meet. Heard the next session had a 10 on bars at the state meet.
  10. You must live in Texas
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  11. We’ve seen a 9.85 at L6 on vault and a 9.8 on both bars and floor at L6. In Xcel Gold we saw a 9.9 on floor.
  12. My daughter last year got a 10 on bars as a Level 3. This year her teammate got a 9.9 on beam as a Level 4. Both in different states.
  13. Actually VA :)
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  14. That’s so funny because I almost added...or Virginia!!
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  15. We are in VA and haven’t really seen scores like that. Never seen a compulsory session though.
  16. I have noticed in some states high compulsory scores but not necessarily higher optional scores. Saw this in Colorado. Compulsories scored the highest they ever had at a fall season meet there, but optional scores are usually consistent(within a reasonable range) to other states.
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  17. If you look at the top 100 level 3 meet scores from 2017, 5 of the top 10 are from the VA state meet.
  18. Compulsory scores tend to run high in Virginia, but there are also lots of gyms with very strong compulsory programs whose girls are very deserving of big scores. Just from a quick glance, lots of those Top 100 scores are coming from a small number of gyms in the state. Xcel scores in Virginia also tend to be very generous and wildly inconsistent from one meet to the next. I think optional scores are pretty in line with most other places.
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  19. 13.5 at a local meet. At elite meets much higher.
  20. Makes sense. We’ve only watched levels 6-9 personally. Scoring seemed pretty consistent with scoring when we lived in Cali.
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