WAG CRAZY low vault scoring (Xcel gold)

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Hi, I am a 2nd year xcel gold gymnast.

My first year in gold, my range of scores of vault was usually (8.2-8.6; average 8.3, highest - 8.65 (all vaults 8.2 or better, lowest being 8.2))

This year however, my range of scores is WAY lower and wider than last year (I do the same vault and have kept the same running distance and vault setting for most of both seasons) (range: 7.8-8.5; average 8.1, Highest 8.8; (4/7 vaults scored under 8.0, lowest being 7.5))

Im very confused by this because my vaults have looked better (to me at least) than last years and I have kept it consistent, with my higher score feeling worse than my lower scores.

I have a few theories on the drastic drop in scores.

1. There is a new vault deduction I don't know about (My coach puts her foot on the vault mat, but is not in the way of the judges or does not touch/spot me throughout any part of the vault, so I don't know if that is a deduction or not)

2. Unfair judging; Out of all of the gyms we compete against, only one gym has athletes that consistently score 8s and 9s on vault (the other gyms, including mine usually are getting mid-high 7s or low 8s). The gym that usually gets higher scores hosts more of our meets and definitely has not given fair scores to gymnasts on any event (not the first time this has happened to me in their meets)

I have tried to follow the xcel code of points to try to "judge" my own vaults (I took max deductions on things, even if it was very slight), and what I've got on my vaults for this year compared to last years were

1st year average range: 8.5-9.1

2nd year average range: 8.6-9

So while not a huge improvement from my previous season, it still is NO WHERE close to 7s.

Is there anything I am missing here or should I let it go and hope I score better in my last few meets this season?

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