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Oct 22, 2018

Just started gymnastics as young adult and after set of dowel uneven bar grips. Can anyone offer any advice on which grips are best? Ones I am considering are:
Reisport double buckle
Reisport velcro
Bailie combi fastening
Bailie single buckle
Bailie velcro

Asked the coach and they said they had no preference, just that they encouraged velcro for primary aged gymnasts as quicker and easier to get on and cheaper as they tend to ruin them by spilling drinks etc. Although they said some older competitive gymnasts preferred buckles.

Was leaning more towards the reisport double buckle, bailie combi or bailie single buckle because concerned the sole velcro might become ineffective from landing in the foam pit and getting bits stuck in it. Any views? If going for buckles, is double buckle better than single? Or would the combi be better because it says it has extra wide wrist support?

Also any ideas how long they take to break in or which brand survive longer?

Thanks xx


Proud Parent
Feb 6, 2014
Twin Cities
My daughter wears US glove double buckles. They were broken in during the first practice she wore them. They’ve lasted well for her, but I’ve generally heard the faster they break in, the faster they wear out.
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Apr 12, 2017
I have reisport velcro (buckle is not available well here, so velcro is all we can get without the shipping costs being more than the actual cost). The velcro still lasts after 3/4 year. There are things you can put around the velcro, but then again shipping costs


Oct 24, 2009
The 'Wood, Ohio
Double buckle is preferred over single buckle because buckles have fewer "settings" than velcro and with the double, you can fasten one loosely, then fasten the other as tight as needed, then tighten the first.
Because buckles can only be used at the holes, sometimes, you have to choose between too tight and too loose (if you go with too tight, the holes will eventually stretch out so they fit better). For this reason, a lot of people prefer velcro, which basically has unlimited adjustments. You can cover the velcro with rubber bands (or even scrunchies) to keep them from flapping and keep them from getting bits caught in the velcro.
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Jul 30, 2013
Region 5-Indiana/Illinois
I have one daughter that wears Reisport double buckle and the other that wears U.S. Glove double buckle. Both brands last about one year. Break-in time for both is a few days.
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