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  1. E

    WAG Are finger tips from new grips normal?

    I just got new grips and on my first day of using them/ breaking them in I got a rip on my finger where the finger hole is. I have never had this issue before with my old grips and none of my teammates have before either. Is it normal to get rips from grips, just new grips, or is this a problem...
  2. A

    Parents Ugh! New grips!

    So my daughter just replaced her first pair of grips. She had the older pair for about three years. They are still in pretty good shape but she feels like they might be a bit too small- but not terrible . Her first pair were single buckle. The new pair are double buckle. She hates them right...
  3. A

    WAG New Grips

    My daughter is a level 6 and is now starting to need grips. She has small hands and just wants to be able to grip the bar better. Some girls on her team are using reisport, hot shots, and gibson. What brand do you prefer? Would you recommend single buckle or double buckle? Thanks!
  4. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Should I get new grips?

    So I've had a pair of Blue 10.0 Grips for 2 1/2 years I think. I love them, they're super broken in, and I'm used to them. I think they are too small, but I'm hesitant to switch because bigger ones feel different. Thoughts?
  5. L

    Do I need new grips?

    About two years ago, I purchased Ginnasta velcro grips with dowels (narrow width I think) and have been using them ever since. From the beginning they weren't great, I couldn't get a great grip on the bar and I would slip off the bar doing simple things. I thought I was just breaking them in...
  6. J

    WAG Do i need new grips?

    My grips keep getting lose and i constantly have to adjust them. Where can i buy cheap grips?
  7. veganmami

    WAG Reccomendation for new grips

    Hey everyone. I have a 10 y/o DD that is teetering between repeating 5 or going to 6 that has had the same grips for almost two years. I know at this point she needs new ones. Any reccomendations for grips? Companies, how to measure, belt vs. velcro, cost comparison, etc… Thanks in advance...
  8. A

    WAG New Grips... which is best?

    I don't know which pair of grips I should get to replace the ones I have now. I don't want buckles, I was thinking of getting Reisport grips. I don't know which ones are awesome and which ones aren't worth it. Any opinions...? thank you! :)
  9. A

    WAG New grips!

    I need to get a new pair of grips, I am deciding between "501 Blues" and "Classic 10.0" from Ten-0... any suggestions?!
  10. coachalexia

    WAG New grips

    Hello, my grips arrived today but i'm not sure if they fit, I'm afraid that if i'm going to wear them for a couple weeks that they will stretch and be too big because that happend to my other grips, they look like this right now (haven't used them yet) are they the right size?
  11. G

    WAG New Grips - Wrist Hurting?

    I got new grips and changed brands as well as went from velcro (reisport) to double buckle (US Glove) The new grips fit well but I'm having a really hard time using them as they hurt my wrists so bad!! I do have the double long wrist bands and the grips feel fine when I'm just standing with...
  12. G

    WAG Getting New Grips - Brand??

    I've read several threads on this topic but wanted to get an opinion in my situation. First some background - I'm 20 years old, and compete xcel gold. I'm on the rec. team at my gym and only train 1 hr 45 min. 2-3 times a week. (Plus maybe open gym sometimes) So I'm not a high level gymnast and...
  13. pamred4

    WAG How to soften new grips

    Yesterday I got new resisport dowl grips (for uneven bars) and i was wondering if anyone has any tips for "softening" them. I have tried rolling them around the dowl like it said on YouTube but it didn't really work! Any ideas would help! Thanks
  14. P

    MAG New grips don't slip

    I bought my first pair of grips for high bar and they have caused nothing but grief. I followed instructions for working the leather soft, and made sure not to buy a size too large. I chalk up generously before I start any exercises. But I get a lot of screetching when it does slide, but most of...
  15. W

    Help, DD's new grips are killing her!

    DD just got new grips, first used on Monday. She had been using Velcro grips for the past two years and the new ones are US glove double buckle. Her wrists and the sides (pinky side) of her palms are ripped and raw. Her palms are fine, but it is hurting her so much that she wants to skip...
  16. N

    Several questions about new grips

    DD's team was told to get grips for the first time. We were told what kind to order and given a website. I went on the website and to pick the size it asks for the hand measurment with the smallest size being for 5". How exact does that measurement need to be? I'm guessing pretty exact since...
  17. livelifetumble8dx

    Should i get new grips?

    I got grips last may and they were fine. But they stretched out alot and now my grips can lay completely flat without a problem. I've noticed i have been slipping off the bar ALOT more then usual. Its hard to get a handle on my kips when they stupid buckles don't stay put! No matter how tight i...
  18. livelifetumble8dx

    new grips? finger holes!?

    How tight should the finger grips be..? they kind of hurt my fingers and after i took them off my fingers were swelled up a little bit. they also take forever to get off cause they are stuck on my fingers. Im not sure weather or not to sand them and open them up a bit. I don't wanna open them up...
  19. L

    Parents DD going crazy over new grips

    Hello again. I was just wondering if anybody has any 'magic' words to say to a little one who is struggling with the getting used to new grips. DD just completed her level 5 season. She has never used grips before because her previous coach said her hands were too small. Her hands must have...
  20. E

    New Grips needed-daughters criteria. HELP this MOM please :)

    Daughter needs new grips. :) She has outgrown her old ones. She loves the look of the Nastia Luikin grips cause they are pink and black and white-her team colors. She wants them to taper in across the palm. Which ones do I need to get her? Help. I found some on DGS but I don't know if they taper...

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