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Feb 19, 2009
In the U.S.
help me! today in practice i got 2 rips (one on each hand) and i have a meet next weekend); what is the best way to get rid of them fast?? will they be better by then on their own?

i know this has been asked before but i don't want to dig uo the old posts
Here's what I do:

Immediately after getting home from practice when I got the rips soak them in warm water with epsom salt for about 10 minutes.(this can burn a little if they were bloody)

Then wash them off with cold water, pat dry and put some neosporin(or any other triple antibiotic) on it with a band-aid(sometimes you have to tape the band-aid on)

Sleep the first night with a lot of neosporin on them(if you put an old sock over your hand you won't get the neosporin on your sheets)

After that just make sure they are moist. I carry around chapstick and put it on once or twice every hour if I have a bad rip.(if they dry they will crack and bleed, much worse than a normal rip)

After the rip has healed enough so that it isn't overly tender or really dry, start using some sort of handlotion with vitamin E in it.

Hope this helps,
Good luck at your meet!
Yep, the neosporin the first night is just to make sure you don't get an infection or anything, but in the process of healing I think the chapstick is the most important part.

Be warned though, people look at you funny when you put chapstick on your hands. :p
what the post above said def.

but instead of chapstick i'd recommend a healing ointment/lotion (not the scented/ liquidy kinid either, they just irritate sensitive skin). i live at 10,000 feet above sea level in the cold snowy mountains (worst place in the world for your skin) so i've had to really find something to prevent rips from drying/cracking lol!

anyway regular chapstick is more like a temporary fix than a cure for dry lips/hands. in the long run it actually dries them out more. if you use something like currel or err that one that starts with an l or cetaphil, normal non-cosmetic lotions, it'll work so much better.

my absolute fav is aquaphor. it comes in a tube of thick clear gel. it will heal anything i swear! i use it on my hands, heals, lips, you name it. it's too thick for an over all lotion but good on tough spots. and it's not too slimy or greasy to use on lips. i owe my life to this stuff from rips to bleeding hangnails and chapped lips that are a way of life where i live.

hope this helps.
I highly reccomend vaseline. Whatever you do, do NOT dry it out. Some coaches say that so that it heals faster, but it can often crack and it hurts. Use Vaseline, it will keep your rips hydrated, and in the long run help more than neosporn. For practice, I suggest using tape grips [under grips if you use those], and also putting pit foam in between the rip and tape grip. Prewrap works too, but pit foam works better. Good luck!
Zinc helps speed up healing, too. Once I started using diaper rash cream with zinc my rips would heal in half the time. Preparation H has zinc in it, too. I do the zinc at night, then band-aid and chapstick during the day.
Zinc eh? I might try that next time i get a rip the size of a pickel...
Anyway. That really sucks! I had a rip the week before a comp all i could really do was tape it up really good. Also(i dont know if you guys have it, but we have this tuff here in Aus) I use Lucas PawPaw ointment. It.Is.The.Bomb!
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i use neosporin at night (with a sock over my hand, which was mentioned before.) Actually, i need to try all these because i get the most rips out of my level and when i use tape grips, i rip them in half on the bar, like in the middle of a routine... yeah, apparently i grip too hard or something.

thanks for all the tips and i'm totally going to try some of them!
Great tips! Love the chapstick =D
Do you guys keep it covered the day after (like with a bandaid) or not?

Ive been told all my life to keep a cut covered for the day you get it, and then let it air out, and that it would make it heal faster. Does the same apply for rips??
Meleluca oil or melagel works really well. I got a really bad rip and i put some on it twice a day and it healed a lot faster than they usually do.
Just put a little super glue over the top and it will sting 4 a few minutes b4 it dries but it helps a lot!!!!! Also do not do this the day b4 your meet but overnight just put a green tea bag on it overnight and it will make it sooooo much better!! Last, if its during practice and you need something to do b4 bars then just but a little bit of new skin on it and let it dry 4 like 30 seconds and you wont even feel it during bars. Hope this helpz!!!!!!
I once got a rip the weekend before a competition and I didn't do anything for it right away, and so it was still really bad a day or two before the meet. My coach recommended I put a hot tea bag on it and it worked so well that I didn't even need to tape it at the competition.
rips suck

so sorry about the rip and good luck at the competition. even though i think it already happened:D but i put nu-skin on it about twice a day, and i put tea bags on it, (avoid lemon and mint teas) its best to tape them on. soak the tea bags in cool water. make sure you keep the rip clean, put hydrogen peroxide on it, and keep neosporin on it too.
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