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  1. A

    Anon Wrist rips

    Hi all, this is anon because a photo is attached. I am wondering if anyone has had any success managing a situation like this? (they are chalky in the photo rather than crusty, just to be clear about that). She has two pairs of DryBands (so always had access to a clean, non chalky pair) and...
  2. Gymnast2009

    WAG Working bars with rips.

    Would you as a coach, make a 13 year old girl in excel gold with a low pain tolerance work bars with a rip? Not a bloody one or anything, but a normal one that is taped.
  3. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Rip! Competition tomorrow

    Hi i had practice tonight the day before my competition and I did a bar routine and I ripped inside of a rip I got a few days ago. What should I do?
  4. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Rip pain

    So I just found out that the head coach of my new team has a “tape it and move on“ approach to bars when you have a rip. I have a pretty low pain tolerance but do not want people to see it. How do I lessen the pain. is there anything that can safely numb it for half an hour, special way to tape...
  5. Gymnast2009

    Parents Rips

    So I have taken a year or so break from gymnastics and have tryouts at 2 gyms soon, my mom got me grips so I can work bars at open gyms to keep up skills but when I was doing tap swings I got 2 big rips, one on each hand. My mom pushed back my tryouts a week to give healing time but they hurt...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Finger positioning at the bar, rip prevention and tips for giants.

    I always grab the bar with my thumbs above it. Is that dangerous or does it makes things more complicated? I always get rips, maybe because of my thumb being not there with the other fingers (more pressure?). Do you have a tips to get less rips? Or to treat them right? I always have the feeling...
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon Hand position on bars and rip prevention

    Is it dangerous to have your thumbs above the bar and not together with the other fingers? Does it make elements more complicated? Any tips against rips? How to not get them and how to treat them right. Is it possible to have more rips because of how I grap the bar? Any tips for being less...
  8. XcelMom08

    Parents Rips

    My DD got the biggest rips the other day she has ever gotten. Her gym wants you to have either a Kip or high bar consistently to get grips. I know grips won’t stop the rips but it does have a barrier. She will tape her hands for now. Just wanted to vent and see if anyone had any other...
  9. gymnasticsinmyblood

    WAG How do I use uneven bars without hurting my rips?

    my coach tried taping over them and I wore my grips as well, Nope still hurt like I didn't even have the tape on! my coach tried liquid bandage but it came off!! What should I do to help it be less painful for me to use uneven bars?
  10. chrissy.campbell.543

    Parents new rip

    hey i have a rip and my coach said to put it in salt water but does that really work . and can you use chapstick on a rip and put a band aid on it or leave it open .
  11. K

    MAG Rips and Hand Sanitizer

    How are your gyms dealing with the combination of rips and hand sanitizer? Our gym is opening on 7/1. The plan is for everyone to have their own straps for the strap bar and to also wear cotton gloves. No work on the regular high bar. They will slowly have to get everyone's hands into shape...
  12. L

    Parents Duoderm for rips...or facial acne spots?

    I’ve read through here and other places that duoderm is magic for rips. Ok. The description says it’s a hydrocolloid bandage. What’s the difference between duoderm and other hydrocolloidal bandages? They even make them in nifty little circles now for facial acne. I was thinking it’s perfect...
  13. adult?gymnast

    WAG Adult Gymnastics? Grips? Rips?

    Hi all! First time poster, long time lurker here. I just recently got into adult (still not sure if I’m an adult though haha) gymnastics after doing years of rec gym as a kid. I know there are a million and one threads on healing rips so they’re good to go on bars again, but how do you care for...
  14. G

    WAG Rip prevention

    I was wondering what others do in terms of preventing rips. I rip at least once a week, if not more. It has come to the point where it is difficult to do my skills to the best of my ability because of the pain. Even after a week on vacation, my hands still seem to rip, which is frustrating...
  15. G

    I need to heal my rip overnight.

    I have a clinic tomorrow and I need for my rip to heal overnight. This is really important because we only have one three hour clinic a year at my gym. Please provide me with the fastest ways to heal a rip.
  16. Tea

    WAG Rip Trouble (I need quick answers)

    I usually put a tea bag on rips which helps it heal. But I'm in a dilemma, I have a huge rip on my hand and I have an hour private on bars today. These are weekly since my bars isn't as strong as it should be. I could rap it but I'd be in a lot of pain, any suggestions?
  17. D

    Coaches RIP Luis

    we lost a great coach and person .... RIP Luis Garcia
  18. GymMomA3R

    Parents Essential oils for rips/blisters

    Does anyone use essential oils for blisters/rips? If so, what do you use? I was looking at rip ointments/balms online and many of them used essential oils so I was wondering if there’s any oils I may already have that I can use instead of buying another product. DD has not ripped...
  19. G

    WAG Best way to wrap a Rip??

    How is the best way to wrap DD's rip so she can continue to practice while it heals? We are doing the tea bag and the Prep H. It re-ripped during the second practice, so I want to make sure it heals this time. Thanks in advance!
  20. E

    WAG My rips keep on re-ripping!

    I ripped a week and half ago. Then every practice after that I've been re-ripping it. Between practices I've been using Winnies Rip Fix. It is a miracle and the skin grows back really fast. But then it just rips again. I think it works really well but the skin grows back soft. So with the...

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