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It's kind of hard for me to explain-just watch StickIt. Then you'll be able to see it done.


Start on the low bar facing away from the highbar. Do a clear hip circle but release the low bar before completing it and swing up to the high bar.

Here's a video

It's the first skill of her bar routine--after the kip. This was her performing the skill, nowadays the bars are a lot farther apart.

As far as drills for the Shaposh I would say lots and lots of powerful clear hip circles, then progress from there. I'm not sure of the progressions because I've never seen anyone taught the skill, but I always wanted to learn it.

Here's a video of an ok Tinsica, but hopefully it'll give you the idea. It's basically a front walkover where the gymnast puts their hands like they would for a cartwheel.
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ok thank you i was just making sure the shaposhnikova was what i thought it was i used to do them all the time but i lost it and now i dont have it anymore so thank you and thank you for explaining the other one i have to try to explain it to one of my team members a different way because she wasnt getting it the way the coach was explaining it thank you alot
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