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May 16, 2009
I am a level 7 and I am trying to get my full, cast handstand, and giant. I have my full off the tumble track but I do not usually land it. I just landed 3 out of 15 on Wednesday. I would love some tips for it! I can do my giant on strap bar and I can do it with a spot but I cannot figure out how to do it by myself. Tips on that too. Also I REALLY need to get my cast handstand! That is my most needed skill right now. I would like a BUNCH of tips on that. :D Thanks!
When I was just getting my fulls the main thing my coaches said and I thought were just keep pulling and know where you are at. As far as giants go tap hard go big and do not be scared. On cast to handstands I struggled with 4 a long time and still do but the main thing is lean over the bar and drive your heels. Sorry this probably is not a lot of help but hope it was a little. :):D:):cool:
i was a 5 this just ended competetive season, but i started doing giants by myself, back handsprings on beam, and front hand sprong fronts, and layouts on floor so they asked me to try to skip six and go to seven. I am having trouble with my cast hand stand to but giants are easier- just tap super super hard! for the cast hand stand, well, if you drive your heels to much than you end uo arching, so you have to make sure your butt goes up first, that you can drive your heels hard. Also, picture yoursleft doing it perfectly before you do it. This always helps :) Good luck!!!!
Yeah, I was a level 5 at the end of the competition seasen but they asked me to skip to level 7 too. I have my back handspring on beam, back tuck on a low beam,layout and floor, front handspring front pikeon floor, etc..... i just can't get my cast handstand so its really hard for me to do my giants. :(
wow! it's like looking in a mirror!!
I'm level 7 too! and i also have trouble with cast to hs and giants!
At our gym we do a tonne of casts as high as we can with ankle weights on our...well on our ankles. and we do swings on the metal bar with them on as well.
Good luck! hope you get your skills! :D
About the cast handstand, at my gym we do a drill (we call them "sushii rolls") where we do a kip forward roll off the bar. It helps to get you in the habbit of leaning your shoulders over the bar and driving your heels upward. That is what helped me though my casting still stinks ;-)
i also have really crappy casting... my coaches have no idea how i make giants with a cast below horizontal (sometimes) its gotten a ton better tho because i had a coach who put ankleweights on us and then casted for us little by little he helped less and our casts got wayyyyyy better
Woot Woot!!! I got my cast handstand and full (stuck off of the tumble trak). I have not done giants since I got my cast handstand so hopefully they will have improved!
For casting, lean your shoulders over the bar and drive your heels, don't be afraid to go over the bar. Check out this website for extra help Bars: Cast Handstand.
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