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Im so excited! My sister Aaliyah is 4 years old and she has her first gym lesson tomorrow! Im going to be training during her lesson so Ill be able to see her! Because I do so much gym she tends to copy me and she's always been able to do the splits (lucky thing!) and is very flexible! I just hope she has fun! She's always begged to be able to do it and my mum said she coldnt until she started school. Shes just about to begin her first half term holiday so my mum said she could start! She's so excited! She's running around the house in one of my first leotards saluting and doing forward rolls and stuff! She's such a performer! Its going to be so weird to see her in the gym when Im there! I always see the little ones and sometimes I help coach them but I cant imagine my sister in their class! She's already decided what colour leotard she's going to wear at the Olympics! Its adorable! Wish her good luck!!


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
I think it is wonderful that you are so excited for your sister. It sounds like she is ready for class, that is for sure.

Be sure to tell us all about it !!
It's great to hear your enthusiasm for your little sister's new adventure! She's lucky to have you for support.

I hope you'll come back and give us an update on her first class and keep us informed as she progresses. I love hearing about the little ones in the gym!
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