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We think it's very cool:) Who knew that the Opera House would become such a big part of our lives. I would have never met my wife to be if she hadn't moved here to pursue her musical career.

DD started in the children's chorus four years ago. She loves to sing and it was a good way for her to have some excellent voice coaching with no expense, she even gets a pay check for rehearsals and performances:). We also thought it would be nice for her to have exposure to some of the finest singers, musicians and conductors in the world.

BTW, anybody can do it, and alot do. Auditions are held every Thurs. during the season.

Kids' Night Out At The Met - CBS News

That's so cool!! Man--I'm jealous too!! Sounds like your dd is a triple threat--gymnast, dancer AND singer!!!! So awesome! Your dd would be perfect as the part of Peter Pan if they ever do it at the Met!!!! I heard an ad on the radio for Peter Pan coming to the Kennedy Center in DC--I guess that is what reminded me of it!! You have one talented little girl on your hands!!! Congrats!!!
Of course, I should have guessed, your dd is ALSO an accomplished singer, lol! What a neat kid. and neat to have an 'artsy' family, I'll bet!

LOL, that cracked me up. You need to warn a guy before you do that:D She's a big ham, loves the spotlight and always has.
What great news for you and dd about her ballet. The pics are absolutely great. Hope she has a wonderful opening night. You'll need to post some reviews!

She did great!!! She was poised and graceful and didn't look the least bit nervous. Basically, she fit right in just like and old hand.

She has to do a number of cartwheels as part of the acrobatic act and she looked a little awkward. She tells me that she has to do do them on her 'goofy' side.

At one point, the soprano hands her a bucket and she takes it without complaint and fetches some water. I was like 'sure, like that would ever happen in real life'. If I ever asked you to get me some water all I'd get is 'I'm busy, can't you get it yourself':D
Your dd would be perfect as the part of Peter Pan if they ever do it at the Met!!!!

Hey MdgymMom,

the great thing about the children's chorus is that the rehearsals are pretty intense for two weeks, then they do 6 shows and it's done. I really discourage DW from getting her auditions for parts that have long term commitments.

It sounds great but, man, something like that would really turn our lives upside down.
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