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  1. G

    Parents JO to xcel- what level

    My 11 year old daughter is considering switching from JO (level 6) to Xcel. It looks like platinum is comparable to L6. Are there pre-requisites for competing platinum when moving from JO?
  2. UkCoach

    Coaches Help with JO USA Rules

    Hi guys, I am a coach from the UK and we have some WAG gymnasts doing a competition in Florida next year. We are trying to decide what level everyone should do and I'm finding the rules really hard to follow. I have one gymnast in particular who does not compete backwards skills generally...
  3. O

    Parents Daughter is pushed from JO to excel

    My dd competed L7 in JO last season, came 3rd even after an injury. All summer she worked and did not miss any practice except one week when we had a family vacation. She even asked to stay back and keep training. This is her passion. She was all-around champion last year. She is still working...
  4. N

    Parents JO rules moving down?

    So we are considering a gym move. A mom from our current team mentioned the possibility of another gym moving my DD down a level since their standards are higher than USAG. They require fairly high scores during season in order to move up. If my child competed level 4 this year, is it even...
  5. T

    Parents Texas Gymnastics Season & Moving from Xcel to JO

    I have an 11-year-old daughter who just completed her first season as an Excel platinum. We currently live in Illinois. She did compete JO level 4 and made it to state the year that she did. Last year she was a gold, and this year she competed as a platinum. We currently live in the Chicago...
  6. XcelMom08

    Parents Xcel to JO Too Late?

    My DD asked me the other day why she can’t go to a college team. She’s 14 so I explained the levels and paths etc. And what most gymnasts are that go to a college team. I sense she is absorbing on all this info. I believe the answer is yes but wanted to seek out your opinion as well. She is...
  7. akariflipz

    WAG What level would I be in Junior Olympic?

    Next season i'm competing in xcel platinum however it is very easy for me and I already had almost all my skills upon beginning to train platinum. I can do a lot of way for advanced skills but they arent allowed. What level would I be in junior olympic levels? this is what I can do/am training...
  8. G

    Parents Understanding the decision criteria for movement between JO and Xcel programs

    Hi, My daughter has been in the JO program at level 6. This year the head coach decided to send some of the level 6 girls to the Excel program to the Diamond level, and others to level 7. Her argument is that it's based on skills and that those sent to Diamond do not have the skills, but it...
  9. G

    Anon Xcel to JO as a teen?

    I am currently an Xcel Diamond and was wondering if anyone would consider it possible to make the move to Level 8. I want a chance to compete in college (probably D3), and as far as I know, no one recruits out of Xcel. Any knowledge?
  10. SlimsPickin

    WAG Bar Adjustments for JO Levels?

    My kid is starting level 4. We are at a very small gym with only one set of bars and the coach has them set to full height and wide distance. If my daughter is 4’4” (shortest on the team) is it normal for a coach to not be willing to adjust the bars? Is it safe for her to train at that height...
  11. G

    WAG Jo 6 b skills

    I’m wondering what some allowable b skills in jo 6 are for beam
  12. 5

    Parents Excel -> JO transfer

    Hello, I know a similar topic has been discussed multiple times but I want to hear your opinions. My DD is at Bronze and she’s currently 10 yrs old. She had a very strong season this year since she’s been a 1st place in every competition she joined including the state competition and her avg...
  13. T

    Parents Xcel bronze to JO? What level?

    If your daughter did a season of Xcel bronze and then switched to JO what level did she go to? My daughter can do all the level 3 skills except for a front hip circle and round off backhandspring. She hasn't tried those skills yet. I have her going to a gym to be evaluated this week and I was...
  14. Tired.momma

    Parents JO to T&T or Excel

    DD is a 2nd year L4 who did not meet the mobility score to move to L5 (by tenths of a point). Now considering moving to T&T or excel. I don't know anything about those programs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  15. G

    Parents Xcel --> JO

    Hello everyone. I am an Xcel Silver gymnast and I want to switch to JO. I have been scoring upper 37s and I have all or most of my skills for gold. Is it possible to switch to JO? I feel as I would fit PERFECTLY as a Lvl 5 but, I don't think my gym competes Lvl 5. (I think they go from Lvl 4-6)...
  16. L

    Parents Switch from Xcel To JO

    Currently my DD is competing Xcel gold. She has all her skills for platinum , but wants to switch to JO. Do you have to do level 4 or can you skip it and possibly go to 5? She wanted me to ask this but I’m almost positive she has to compete level 4. Thanks.
  17. C

    Parents Switch from Xcel Silver to JO?

    Like many gymnasts, my 7 yo has high aspirations for her gymnastics career (college and beyond). She has also been talking about wanting to switch to the JO team since last year, when she was on Xcel Bronze and saw the JO team practicing in the gym. On Xcel Silver this year, she has placed 2nd...
  18. Bug's mom

    Canadian Champiomships results (JO, Novice)

    Would anyone know where we can find Canadian Championships results for JO and Novice in near real-time? GCG's directive mentioned they would be available as judging happened (25th-27th) and I see the Sr/Jr results were generated by Livemeet but there is nothing in Livemeet for the June...
  19. X

    Parents Xcel to JO Advice

    My daughter is going to be 10 next month. She was in recreational gymnastics from 4 years old to 8 years old. At age 8 she did pre-team Xcel and at age 9 she competed Xcel Bronze. She has expressed her desire to move to JO for the past year. I asked the director of her program at her current...
  20. JulietTheGymnast

    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    I am currently an Xcel gold gymnast, but looking to switch to level 6. I have most of the requirements, however I don't know if I should or not. Is this a good idea? Will it help me in my future of gymnastics?