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Proud Parent
Jun 14, 2019
There have been a LOT of posts about spondyolothesis and other back injuries. My daughter has been going through it since December of 2021. I just want to reiterate that I am NOT a doctor, just a parent of a gymnast who has gone through this journey.

Yesterday we had her rescans. She has been cleared for 2 years. She won't have to go back and have new scans UNLESS she has pain or other symptoms that something is starting. The doctor (an orthopedic surgeon at the Children's Hospital) said that her success in recovery has largely been in part to her strengthening her core. That often gymnasts have too much muscle in their backs, but not enough in their core to balance it out. My daughter's PT was all about core strength and she has been an excellent patient.

This comes after a year of full training and competing all 4 events after taking 10 weeks of full rest/no activity last season. She was crowned State Bars Champion and also Regional Bars Champion. She is working level 8/9 skills on all events (she is XCEL Diamond and is hoping for Sapphire when it comes to our region)and has permission/clearance for all uptraining. So for those of you whose gymnasts have spondy, please know that a return to gymnastics CAN be possible (every situation is unique) and retirement isn't the only option.