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  1. O

    Parents PARS/Degenerative Disc Recovery/advice?

    Hi, DD recently found out that she has a PARS fracture (bilateral) with disc degeneration at the same spot. Has anyone else dealt with both of these issues and if so, any advice? Her doctor was very concerned about the disc degeneration due to her young age. We have an appointment with a highly...
  2. PeanutsMom

    Parents Spondy Recovery IS possible

    There have been a LOT of posts about spondyolothesis and other back injuries. My daughter has been going through it since December of 2021. I just want to reiterate that I am NOT a doctor, just a parent of a gymnast who has gone through this journey. Yesterday we had her rescans. She has been...
  3. GymnastMomX2

    Parents Concussion recovery

    Talk to me about concussion recovery timelines? How long did it take your kiddos to come back fully after a concussion? My daughter is about 11 days out from a fall onto her head/neck off the high bar (she peeled off backwards warming up tap swings of all things, she’s a level 8 so not a skill...
  4. G

    Parents What’s normal recovery from Covid for gymnast?

    Hi all. I seldom come here, but have a question for you all! My 14-y/o NGA level 6 daughter just had Covid for the first time. She’s vaccinated, a year ago. She had maybe 5 days of mild cold symptoms. She’s now on day 13 and has felt fine for days. No fatigue, nothing at all. She’s been out...
  5. R

    Parents Ankle injury recovery time

    Some background info: DD landed a pass awkwardly in our first meet and turned out she had fractured her ankle. Was in a boot for 3 weeks and got it off on Monday. Had doctor's warnings to go easy on that foot at least for the next two weeks - no hard landings etc. She has been in the gym as...
  6. C

    Parents Mental recovery from bad meets

    We had our first meet of the season this weekend and my DD1, L7 didn’t do well... at all. She has always been a podium finisher in all events over the past 6 seasons and today she placed in vault, but totally bombed her beam and bars routine. She had a complete mental block on beam and did not...
  7. Mommyo2az

    Parents Recovery after pin placement in finger

    Hello fellow parents! My daughter fractured her pinky (vaulting of all things) and had 2 pins placed last week. Because the fracture was so unstable the pins will be in for 6 weeks! I was looking to see if anyone’s child had the same surgery and what the recovery was like? DD has already...
  8. DTAG

    MAG Post workout recovery

    Hello folks. I’m new here, my ds is 8 yrs old and a new lvl 5. Jumped up from being on pre-team this past season. Our gym has opened up and I thoroughly enjoy watching him train. Granted it is solely conditioning right now. That being said, he is incredibly strong and gains muscle quickly. Well...
  9. kimute

    WAG Sprained toe recovery / travel meet

    My DD (13 yo level 9) sprained the toe next to her pinky toe when it tucked under on a vault landing three days ago. X-ray confirmed no break and she can walk on it, do trampoline, no problem. It is a little swollen and hurts to tumble/land. Not a big deal injury, but we have a travel meet in...
  10. RamblingRavenclaw

    Back fracture/stress fracture recovery

    I’m currently in Xcel silver and I was planning to move up to gold the next season. But, during regionals my back, which had been bugging me all year, hurt so bad that I could barely walk. I pushed through regionals, the whole time holding back tears. This was the only meet all season that I...
  11. N

    Parents Gymnast wrist recovery

    New here, but would like to hear anyone else's experience with recovering from gymnast's wrist (distal radial epiphysitis). My daughter (L8 last season, trying for L9 this summer until this came up) was diagnosed with bilateral gymnast's wrist. The right is mild while the left is severe, with...
  12. T

    WAG Recovery from L5 Stress fracture?

    Hey. We are 16 weeks post diagnosis of a L5 Pars Defect (stress fracture). DD is still doing PT and was just approved to start doing tap swings. But no impact or back extension stuff. She experienced pain.... Any idea what recovery will feel like for her? The stress fracture itself should...
  13. M

    MAG Shoulder bone bruise long recovery time... help!

    At my younger son's first, in house, practice meet in late Dec, he had a crazy fall on floor where he found himself coming straight down onto his head when he straightened out of a back tuck very prematurely on his last pass. We figured out much later that he put out his arms to break the fall...
  14. Dee243

    Parents Recovery from elbow cast/surgery

    Those of you that have been there -what was the recovery like from an elbow area injury that resulted in 4-5 weeks of imobiliazation? DD has surgery, and is recently out of her cast. She is making good strides lengenthening her arm to straight. Still a long way to go, but progesss for sure in...
  15. ALK

    Parents Broken Forearm Recovery

    My 6yr old, level 3 gymnast broke her arm, complete fracture of the ulna and radius, on Aug 27th. She's still in the cast, but I was wondering if anyone has any insight on post-cast healing time. She's finally old enough to compete level 3 and it was a big disappointment for her that she'll...
  16. RoseSparkle

    WAG Compression gear for post work out recovery

    Does anyone here use any type of compression gear for workout recovery? I received some information regarding a new pair of tights specifically for dancers that peaked my interest after reading the "claims". Am thinking specifically for my gymnast as her hours may increase over the summer...
  17. tumblerK

    WAG Balance Beam Recovery Kits

    Hi All, A couple of our low beams have been in terrible condition for years, and we finally have the funds and permission to buy recovery kits so that there will actually be some cushion between the leather and wood! Huzzah! Does anyone have experience with any particular kit from a...
  18. R

    WAG Recovery time for medial epicondyle (elbow) fracture

    Just wondering if anyone has previous experience with recovering from this type of fracture for their gymnast and getting back to full use of the arm. DD was training level 8, so I guess "full use" would include training typical level 8 skills. And whether or not surgery was done.
  19. Itsachalkylifeforme

    WAG Elbow tendinitis recovery

    I have been having pain in at least 1 elbow since the summer, and went to the Dr and got diagnosed with a sprain. After resting it and it not getting much better, I went to the Dr again a couple weeks ago and was told I have tendinitis in both elbows. They casted my worse one (right) to force...
  20. M

    Parents Question about recovery after wrist injury

    My daughter injured her wrist 6 weeks ago. They put her in a cast due to fears of growth plate injury. The cast came off last Thursday and my daughter isn't able to put weight on her wrist yet. We knew there would be recovery time but how long should we expect to wait to see her regain her...