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Feb 26, 2011
I was just reading a discussion in one of the threads in the parent forum about how easy it is for random people to find out too much information about you.

I really enjoy posting videos on youtube and I know I have quite a few genuine people who enjoy watching them. I also know that there are a lot of creepers out there. I do want some of my videos to be public because I hope that they help other adults see that they can be involved in this amazing sport too. I had no idea that there were such things as adult classes until I saw some youtube videos.

That being said, it seems like it's a lot more difficult to keep choice info private as an adult gymnast. There are only so many gyms with adult programs.

Anyone have any suggestions for what I could do to keep myself anonymous enough that no one could figure out what gym I go to? Or is it even possible to keep that hidden and still post videos of myself there?


May 4, 2009
If I were you I would just make the videos private and then allow those you want to show to look. I have done that with most of mine, I will tell others about them and send them a private link. I guess the only toher thing you could do is either when you make the videos or through later editing make sure all they can see is you and the piece of equiptment you are working on, no other people, no signs, no distinctive wall paint and no way to see how the gym is layed out.
Not open for further replies.