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My DD just received her camp stuff in the mail this morning. So excited! She'll be going to Gymrep week 5. We've been to IGC twice before and she enjoyed it very much but wanted to try something new and since she goes to French school and prefers to live life in the gym this should be perfect. Has anyone else been to Gymrep? Any inside tips? Where to stay overnight etc.?
Feb 26, 2007
Guess what my girls are going to Gymrep week 5 too. My oldest is 12, youngest is 9. They just love Gymrep and the oldest is going back for her 6th year. They are both going to IGC for the first time this year.

Hmm places to stay, Montreal is about 75 minutes away and it is the best place to stay either the night before or during the camp. The camp is in the middle of nowhere and any hotels near the camp are not worth staying at both cost and quality wise.

Inside tips, bring some of those stick on removable hooks, there are no hooks in the rooms and they need them for towels etc. I also send some of those fabric shelves that hang up on a closet rail as there are never enough shelves for all their clothes etc. A small fan is a great idea, the rooms have no a/c and it can be very hot.

Don't send every item on their packing list as the girls never wear all their clothes. Do send a bottom sheet for their bunks. There is are snacks for sale but you can bring stuff and keep it in their room. We usually send granola bars, fruit snacks etc. It is a nut free camp though!

The girls always have a blast, make tons of friends and really enjoy the gymnastics. The food isn't awesome though it is perfectly edible. There are always a number of "English" girls and coaches there, but it certainly is a French camp is she will get to use her French skills a lot.

She will get to try big skills, but remembering the gym isn't huge, but it is well run and they are amazing spotters.

Maybe you can give me some IGC tips in exchange. See you at camp!!!


How neat that the girls will be attending the same week. Thanks for the tips! My DD wants to know what level your girls are in. "Corky" is in Ontario Level 5 age 10.
Tips for IGC: The camp is beautiful cabins air conditioned and my DD says the food is amazing! The town of Reading is a little more than an hour away and has the GK elite "outlet" store. We have gone both times and my daughter buys a few special leotards at a great price. I can provide more details later if you like. We have stayed overnight at a few different hotels in the area but there is a Nascar track nearby and if it is a race weekend the price goes way up and availabilty way down.
We always bring sheets for the bed and a camp bag with wheels since the terrain is quite hilly. The camp forms you need to fill out are quite thorough I found Gymrep forms so nice and simple! My DD really loved the camp but wanted to try this one this year. The staff are from all over lots from Australia DD learned quite a few Aussie terms.
Thanks again for all your help See you at camp!
Feb 26, 2007
Yeah I just finished the IGC froms, they really let you know you are doing camp the American way!!! THank goodness I know a notary!

Hubby and I are going to DC and Philly whilst the girls do camp at IGC, we are planning having as much fun as the girls. I'll be stopping by the GK outlet on my way through to buy a ton of leos for my girls and the girls in the gym here, they love those Adidas suits.

Oldest is 12 and is P2 Novice, youngest will be 10 and is P2 Argo so a similar level to your DD, but on the lower end of the skills. WHo knows they might be in the same training group. They tend to group the English girls together. My girls love making new friends, so they will be thrilled to meet your DD.

There are often Aussies and Brits doing the counsellor jobs at Gymrep, most of the coaches are Quebeckers.

At Gymrep you can drive to the door of the dorms and they help you upstairs with your bags, young strong paople that is. If you want a top bunk be there by noon! Drop off takes a while, we arrive around 11am, snag the best bunks (rooms are allocated beds are first come first served) then we go for lunch at the resto at the top of the road (about 7km away) though there are picnic tables etc. There is a welcome speech at 2pm that does go on, and on, but I guess for a first timer it is interesting.

The parents leave at 3pm and after they get into their training groups and do a gym tour. They usually have a really fun beach party the first night. There are fun outdoor and indoor activities to choose from every day.

The last day us parents have to be there at 9am for the "show", there are group dances and then you get to wander around the outside of the gym watching what your DD has worked on all week, it is fun but looong! Bring an umbrella as if it rains there is no where to go and still see.

I usually escape by noon. We only live two hours away so we are very forunate.

Just told my youngest that my internet buddy's girl will be there, she said "awesome"!

If the girls tell me anything else important I let you know.
I looked it over, sure looks amazing! Bean would LOVE this!!!

I make it happen financially (still owe her big for the missed Arizona trip) but getting her there and back would be a challenge.

Like Taximom's daughter, Bean also attends a french school, and would find this very cool.

I'll let you know as soon as I know!

PS- Any chance you could get her if I sent her by train???lol
Feb 26, 2007
You know I would pick her up and get her there, would be a pleasure! She and mine could be roomies!


Proud Parent
May 21, 2008
MY dd is going to igc week 9. This will be her 2nd year. A few things I would add to bring:
-decorations for the cabin (last year she went olympic week and they did everything red, white and blue with streamers etc. )
-She went one week earlier and it was cold and a bit rainy last year. Sweatshrits and capri sweatpants were her most worn items
-Shower caddy to bring her stuff to the bathroom with her. (they must shower every day:) Shower shoes too.
-Journal to write down what they do each day, collect address/phone numbers of new freinds etc. No cell phones allowed. I did call one day and they paged her and I did get to talk to her. I was so excited.
-GRIPS!!! (if you use them)
-I left a big envelopes of mail for her. The counseler gave her one each day. She loved getting mail.
-I ordered gift bags thru IGC that she got mid week. (leo, wrist bands etc.)
-Same situation for picking a bunk... 1st come 1st serve.
-Laundry bag to collect the dirty clothes

That is all I can think of for now. Let me know if you have any specific questions.
Feb 26, 2007
That list reminded me, no phone call at gymrep unless it's a dire family emergency or your DD's birthday! It can do the rain thing in Quebec too, I imagine our weather is similar to the Pocono's as we are also in an Eastern seaboard mountain region.

THanks for all those tips.
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