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  1. K

    Parents International Gymnastics Camp

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and I have appreciated the perspectives of parents who have been in this sport longer than myself. My daughter is an 8 y/o who just finished her Level 3 season. She has had several good friends who have been going to sleep away camps the past few...
  2. C

    Parents question about gymnastics camp

    I want to curious if anyone of your child attend High performance gymnastics camp? Which can suggest? Pro? Neg? If can share experience. Thanks.
  3. J

    Parents High Quality Non-Residential Summer Gymnastics Camps/Clinics

    Greetings All, I'm a new member here, but have lurked off and on for the past couple years in order to soak up the forum's collective wisdom. Typically, I've been able to find my answer via the search function, but no luck this time. By way of background, my daughter (8 years old) jumped into...
  4. M

    Parents Gymnastics camp

    My DD is 4 almost 5 and has been doing gymnastics since she was 2 and absolutely loves it. When she started there wasn’t a place in town for her to do gymnastics so we go to a gym a half hour away. In the last year a activity in town started doing gymnastics classes. We went to an open play...
  5. G

    WAG International Gymnastics Camp or Woodward ?

    My daughter will either be going to International gymnastics camp or Woodward pa in 2022. She is 11 years old and will be travelling on a plane by herself from Australiato get there. Any information would be helpful like - Which camp is preferred - how to travel by your self - And how kids are...
  6. G

    WAG Which Gymnastics Camp ??

    My daughter is either going to go to Woodward gymnastics camp pa , or Inter national gymnastics camp. ( this is for 2022 )She is 11 years old and will be travelling by herself on a plane from Australia to get to where she needs to go. Thankyou so much if you have any thoughts on - which camp to...
  7. S

    Parents Dunkley's Gymnastics Camp

    Hello My son is going to be going to Dunkley's gymnastics camp in Vermont this summer. I have not found many reviews about it but it looks fun. Small camp with many traditional camp activities. I don't think he would be happy at IGC doing intense gymnastics all day. Has anyone been? Any info...
  8. E

    WAG any info/feedback about UNH gymnastics camp?

    I am a self taught gymnast hoping to take classes this spring. I posted earlier about starting late at 16/17-(I think I listed all of my skills). I was thinking about trying a camp this summer that wasn't too far from home so I could continue enjoying gymnastics. I do not plan to do it in...
  9. W

    WAG Woodward West Gymnastics Camp

    #1 My dd 14yo is attending Woodward West Gymnastics Camp this Summer and is really excited!! I’d love to hear about any suggestions or input on the camp that members of this group have. Thanks so much!!.
  10. W

    Parents Woodward West Gymnastics Camp

    My dd 14yo is attending Woodward West Gymnastics Camp this Summer and is really excited!! I’d love to hear about any suggestions or input on the camp that members of this group have. Thanks so much!!.
  11. C

    Parents International gymnastics camp

    Hi I'm from Ireland and my daughter is attending IGC this summer for the first time. I don't know anyone who has attended the camp and am just looking for any feedback. What should I pack for her etc....any tips or hints would be really appriciated. Thanks Cathy
  12. G

    Parents Gymnastics Camps (Summer 2019)

    Parents and coaches, Does anyone have any good suggestions for gymnastics Camps for the summer? We have heard about a couple of collegiate camps including Alabama-Auburn-LSU, in addition to FlipFest, IGC, Perfection (Ohio), Chelle Stacks, WOGA- does anyone have any input on these camps or any...
  13. C

    WAG Gymnastics Camp

    Any opinions on whether IGC or Woodward is better for a sleep away camp? Gymnast is a 12 year old JO 8.
  14. R

    Parents Any feedback on UNH gymnastics camp?

    Thinking about having DD go for a week this summer and would love any feedback. Thanks!
  15. S

    International Gymnastics Camp Questions

    I'm 13 and I've never been to a gymnastics camp before and I'm wondering what the skill level of girls my age would be at IGC. I'm in Xcel Gold. Last year in Silver, I competed a round-off back-handspring and front handspring on floor. A pull over, cast backhipcircle, squat on, jump to high bar...
  16. W

    WAG UCLA Gymnastics camp

    hi!! Wondering if anyone has sent their gymnast to UCLA Gymnastics camp? Any feedback is appreciated!!! ❤️
  17. C

    Parents Gymnastics camp before team practice.

    Do you find that your DD are tired and not as focused in their normal gym class after attending gymnastics camp during the summer or do you find the camp actually helps them. The camp is basically an open free play time in the gym with the occasional crafts. My daughter is turning 6 this summer...
  18. G

    First Time At An Overnight Gymnastics Camp!!

    Hey guys so in 23 days I will be attending Mizzou Gymnastics Camp for the first time. It is a 4 day 3 night camp and I have never been to an overnight gymnastics camp. I don't know what to expect. I have no idea what to pack and what it will be like being away from home. I am a little older...
  19. munchkin3

    WAG Good summer gymnastics camps for L8 and up?

    So a couple of us were wondering what camps are recommended by CB son did IGC a few years ago and loved it..... I have heard mixed things about Flip Fest.....but seems more of a fun camp experience for younger athletes. Maybe more of a College camp, or good Elite gym camp like...
  20. M

    Parents Rules about gymnastics camps?

    Does your gym have rules about camps? I signed up my L3 for IGC next summer and it will be her first gym camp. I sent a note to her coach asking for her thoughts and she said it'd be overwhelming for her and they don't want the girls doing camps when they get to optionals (she's 8). We've...

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