WAG Team open gym. Make them go?

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May 5, 2015
Dd trains 18 hours a week. They gym offers day time team open gym some days off school for two hours. The coaches work with the girls on specific things they need, there is no free time. It's $20 which is nothing since we pay well over $400 a month for tuition and another monthly $235 in meet fees. If your gymmie didn't want to go would you make them? Would it falling on a practice night change your decision?

Just wondering how others will answer. I have mixed thoughts on it but I can tell you this is where mom and dad may have differing opinions.
DD's gym has done this and I didn't force her to go. I took her lead and let her decide. I'll be honest - it was hard saying 'no' to the opportunity but this is where I have to keep myself in check. I'd rather DD have a say and do what she needs to do to keep from getting burnt out rather than taking advantage of an extra practice. And I truly believe that DD's gym didn't care if they went or not. (And an extra practice falling on a practice night would make it very easy to say no.)
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I wouldn't force them to go, and depending on other things, I may try and convince them not to go. The reason I say try is that they would both be forcefully pushing to attend. No matter how high DDs hours climbed she was always asking for more.
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Dd normally wants to go to them all but not this time. She also had a meet this weekend and her weekend practice. I would love to see her sleep in.
Agree sleep wins! If she wanted to go I would consider but given her recent schedule a little break might be a good thing
Agree sleep wins! If she wanted to go I would consider but given her recent schedule a little break might be a good thing

That's was my initial thought but then the CGM that tries to steal space on my other shoulder started nagging me, oh and maybe DH too;) because ya know...bars!
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No. Forcing your kids to go to things like that against their will create the risk making them start to dislike gym and can drive them out of the sport.

I sometimes wish gym's wouldn't even offer this stuff because it creates an impression that kids who "only" do 18 hours a week of gym are slackers :(.
If it's truly optional, then let it be her choice. If it was always part of team practice time, then taking one off here and there is ok too. Just remind her it's a team commitment.
So she didn't go and had a very nice day......then she huffed the whole way home from practice about not going this morning. :mad:

She just turned 11 so I'm guessing I will see a lot more of this in my future.
So, you pay $5.55ish an hour regularly.
They are offering to let you pay $10 an hour for your DD to basically have 2 more hours of practice.
It is not truly open gym if the coach decides what they work on. THAT (true open gym) might be worth $10 an hour.
Your daughter has a long weekend and sleep is good.

In summary, let her sleep. No send to gym. :)
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I wouldn't force her to go- but I'd probably explain that it's really cheap and it's a chance to get some one on one coaching, so it's up to you if thats something you're interested in
Oh I guess if you figure out the math it's not cheaper- idk maybe she can try it but 18hrs is a lot
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