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I got a note in my mailbox at gym last week saying that it was decision time. The team girls are being fitted for competitive leos and tracksuits next week so we have to decide before that time. We've since let my dd's coach know that we're going to let her move up when the groups are reorganized.

My dd is SO excited!!! I think in her mind this is the best thing that's ever happened to her! 3 more classes with her original group and then she joins the big girls team!

We were already leaning towards doing it, but now it's official! It feels like things have moved so quickly. 8 months ago I had no gym connection, now we practically live there. Well, my dd anyways:) I am a teeny bit sad that I won't be able to watch very often anymore. With carpooling etc, I'll be lucky to see her gym every other month. She's fine with that though, so I guess I should be happy that she's an independant little person!

Time to fish out the check book:rolleyes: Looks like we're in this for the long haul:)

Canadian Gym Mom:D
Thanks for the Congrats, and the advice. I won't be away all the time, I like watching too much! I am really glad that she is such a confident and motivated child though. She has her own goals in gymnastics and I think that's healthy. I love to share in her successes, but I wouldn't want her looking to me for all validation in her sport.

Canadian Gym Mom

BTW-my super confident dd at the gym is the same sweet 7 year old who still climbs into my bed in the wee hours of the night for extra snuggles:) She's a long way from not needing mom.
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