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Too Old?

Discussion in 'Gymnast Forum' started by GymnastLecia2003, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. HI! I'm a level 4 gymnast... I haven't been doing gymnastics as long as any gymnast I have ever met.. I started in sixth grade and am now going into tenth. I'm way behind and my body isn't as conditioned for certain things like the other girls. It takes me a long time to get a skill and sometimes my coaches get so frustrated with that, I feel like maybe it isn't for me.. I love the sport and have been told that when I get the skill, I have beautiful lines. I don't know what to do. (My legs were not together I know..)
  2. I'd say stick with it. I started in 8th grade, now going into 11th. It takes me a long time too and it's very frustrating at times.

    Now you can do conditioning and flexibility at home, that will help a lot if you feel you aren't as conditioned.

    Anyway, it's good you are in a gym that accepts 'old' gymnasts. And believe me, coaches get frustrated with the younger kids at times too

    I'd say condition at home, try your best at practice and don't give up!
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  3. Like to you love it? If the answers yes the rest wont matter its mind over matter all the way. Everyone has struggles and you CAN work through them if you believe you can. If a 12 year old gymnast came up to you today and ask if they were too old you want to be able to tell them of how you gave it your everything!
  5. I think you should stay with it, just maybe try to do some conditioning and drills at home to help.
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