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Jun 6, 2008
Can anyone give me any tips on traveling to the Boston area (in winter)?
I was considering Worcester airport since it is small and easy in/out......
Anything I need to be careful for?? besides deer?
Worcester Airport is great- very easy compared to Logan!! What will you be doing? I would just be careful of weather!!
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Boston is a great city. As Alsmom said, watch the weather as winter storms can be brutal. What are you going for, business or pleasure? I have a trip planned there for September.
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LOL! Snow is an issue either with driving OR flying!! I cant control the weather!!!
It is gymnastics related travel.......
I think I will definitely look at Providence or Worcester just because Logan is SOOOOO expensive for some reason!!!
Plus I get to drive an reminisce about my New England days. :rolleyes:
Any specific drive times, or routes to avoid?
Hmmm...I guess it depends on where you are going. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post that here!!
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Alsmom, your box if full and I cant PM you....:(
The options are there for both airports.....Im just worried about traffic and rush hour going to west Boston at 6PM on a weeknight!
I don't know how to delete them!! I am sorry!!

If you went from Worcester you would take the mass pike the whole way. It SHOULDN'T be too bad going into Boston at that time, but you never know. I would give myself at least two hours, but in the best conditions it should really only take an hour. Are you going to Boston proper, or a suburb west of Boston?
PM me if you want.
I agree, going into Boston should be better at that time, than trying to get out of Boston.
thats what I thought....everyone will be leaving for the weekend......
I am going towards cambridge.
Manchester, NH should be fine, too, since you'd be going opposite traffic. I live close to Cambridge, feel free to PM me!
If you're going to Cambridge, I'd fly into Logan, unless there is some huge cost advantage to flying in to another airport. Because getting from Logan to Cambridge is going to be much less painful than going from one of these other airports to Cambridge, especially if the weather is bad.
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Worcester will be fine-with a gps it's not hard to get to the Mass Pike, and hence Cambridge. I also second Manchester-it's a bit of a longer drive but will be less traffic than Worcester, Providence or Boston. Another good option West of Boston but with cheaper hotels is Waltham-right off of 95 (also known as route 128 in our area) and a quick drive to Cambridge. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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