Two footed landing on bhs on beam?

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Dec 8, 2007
Do any of you do back handsprings on beam with a two foot landing? I just started doing it at practice yesterday. I like it a lot better. I think its easier. I'm going to probably do back handspring 2 feet connected to backhandspring step out because I need to lunge at the end to stay on the beam. lol.


Jul 5, 2007
I've done both. I used to do two foot BHS connected to BHS step out for awhile. The only thing is it's not really ideal setup for saltos so I went back to step out. I still do them whenever I do BHSs because it helps me with alignment.


One year I tried doing BHS into a salto dismount. I'm not really sure if I even competed that. I've found it easier to do all step outs or all two foot landings. In level 8 or 9 I competed BHS BHS with the second BHS having one arm on the beam and the other arm out. Try different variations on your BHS to find out whats easier for you. I find BHS easier than stepouts.
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