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Panda-girl's Mom

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Jan 9, 2008
Well after switching gyms and leaving our old gym my daughter is returning. My daughter was unhappy, so we tried another gym. Intially she really liked it but it was a recreational class, she tried it a couple of times since she was frustrated at her old gym and the negativety. She really liked the teacher at the new place, they were doing advanced skills but after leaving her old gym and not going for a week she was homesick and lost. The new gym starts team at level 5 she competed level 4 but struggled to get all her skills. So she would have to do recreational classes for a while to get on the team. They did not have a preteam at this time. She was going 1 hour a week and going to increase to 2 classes for 2 hours. At her old gym she was used to going for 10 hours a week. She would only go to camp 1-2 weeks and class during the summer at the new place. Her old gym she has to train every weekday for aproximately 20 hours a week during the summer. At first we thought less hours less stress and just going for fun would make her happier but she just could not adjust, she finally broke down and said she wanted to go back. She missed being on the team her friends and being in the gym more hours. Now she is more happier and motivated, she is looking forward to training more in the summer. Her old gym is probally the most established in the area, the new place is only a few years old, and other gyms in the area either do not competed USAG or do not have good reputations, so I am hoping she is making the right decision. Last year when she struggled with their skills they only went 2 hours a week since they were not sure if they were going to be on team, I hope the extra hours will help and if she d:)oes not get her level 5 skills she can have a better year repeating level 4.


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Aug 25, 2007
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I think it is wonderful that she is now happy and motivated. I hope things go well and that she has a great summer perfecting all those skills.


I feel for you. It's so hard to know what's the right course to take. From some of your previous posts though, It seemed like your daughter was pretty miserable at the old gym. Granted the girls on her team were young but to have them crying on a regular basis is not normal. I wonder if she'd be willing to hang on just a little longer at the new gym. We went through this a year ago with my DD and it was absolutely, hands down the best thing we could've done for her. There was an adjustment period but she soon felt right at home.

Having said that though, it could have been just the coaching situation that was the problem. If she gets a new coach this season at the old gym, things could improve drastically.

Good Luck!!
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Aug 16, 2007
omaha, ne
awwwwwww I am sorry the new gym didn't end up what you guys wanted to:( How stressful and frustrating for her and you guys.
WEll at 20 hours a week, I am betting she gets those level 5 skills down for sure. That is a lot of practice and conditioning time and really the kip is the only really hard skill to get for level 5 other than maybe the front handspring on vault. The rest is pretty easy to progress to especially with 20 hours.
Emily will be going about 16 hours a week soon. I actually can't wait. I think she is going to love it too.


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Sep 25, 2007
I am sorry the new gym didn't work out and hope that she keeps being happy at her old gym. I tend to agree with M23K about how she seemed really unhappy and the crying all the time just doesn't seem right. I have RARELY seen crying from the team girls. Hopefully the happiness won't wear off. I can't totally see how it would be hard to reduce hours, but you can't trade anything for emotional happiness in the long run.

Keeping my fingers crossed that things will stay better..

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Dec 23, 2006
Really it sounds like you're between that rock and hard place regarding gyms. Doing a rec class will not get kids ready to compete Level 5 at all. Certainly not enough time for conditioning, working skills etc. OTOH, you mentioned that the girls were crying alot at practice at the old gym and your dd was being taught skills and routines during the meet season which is really bad planning to say the least. Think alot about her doing 20 hours/week over the summer. My gymmie is a little older and will be training L8 and she will be doing 20-22 hours. IMO, 20 hours is way too much for a younger girl who is L4/5. Really it sounds like they are trying to make up for the girls not really getting the basics of L4 down well while trying to teach L5 skills.

You mentioned there were some other gyms that didn't have good reputations. Is that what you hear from other parents, coaches or just see in their performance at meets? Our former gym was always putting down the gym where my daughter now trains---subpar coaching, lousy physical enviornment, kids/parents snotty etc. Why? Because they didn't want their kids leaving to go there! When my gymmie absolutely felt she had to leave her former gym or quit the sport, this "bad" gym was the only one close by with an established optional program. She fell in the love with the atmosphere and made friends very quickly. We have some young and energetic coaches and they are out to rebuild the whole team program and have started with strong pre-team and compulsory programs which are now paying off in more optional girls. So, as far as other gyms, don't believe everything you may hear. It may be worth it just to check on a couple of other gyms and see what their programs are like.
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