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I am a level four coach and I have a these two girls who have only competed two seasons and they are already moved to level five but their best friend didn't move up. The deadline was novemder 1st. This gymnasts' fall season was beautifull but her spring season was deffinetly not the best. Plus she has trouble doing chin up pull over on the high bar. But she has all her level 5 skills plus one or two level 6 skills. From what i know she knows all the elvel 5 routines except beam. She really wanted to move up with her best friend. Now my co. coach says that she souldn't move up becuase she isn't ready but I am not sure. Do you think she should be able to move up?
Tough call...who will be coaching her if she moves up? If she will have a new coach, then ask that coach to evaluate her. It's hard, but best friends cannot be taken into account. If the gymnast is not ready, then he/she WILL respect your decision. To help them respect your decision, tell them why you have made this choice and give him/her a list of skills to work on.

Ask the other coaches for help...tell them you and your co-coach disagree and you would like another opinion.

Don't be the nice the coach that is well respected by gymnasts, parents, and other coaches.
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Ask the owner. He/she will probably be happy that you have come to him/her for advice.
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