What skill has been the hardest for you to learn?

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Dec 8, 2007
The skill that took the longest for me to learn was a roundoff. I had my backhandsping long before, but I could just not do a roundoff.
Also a backwards roll took me forever too.
A standing tuck took me FOREVER. I actually got my tsuk before I could do a standing tuck. I just got it like a couple weeks ago haha.


Jun 24, 2008
Cast handstand on bars, although that was mostly because of incompetent coaching. Once I switched gyms, I got it from horizontal (where I had been stuck for 3 years) to handstand in less than 3 months. Other skills that just didn't come naturally... blind changes. I never figured out how to turn with my hips consistently, so sometimes they'd be perfect, and other times I'd be falling on the bar. Also, I think back tucks on beam deserve a mention-- I got banned from them because I would randomly stop rotating and fall on my knees and face.
Mar 4, 2008

Wow, I think without question my DD getting her kip took more time and effort than probably four other skills combined! She literally wept when she finally got it!:p
backward rolls took me so long too! that's funny to hear of someone else that had that issue, but other than that definately front flyaways those took me seriously forever to get. so much precise timing ahh it drove me nuts!

and the worst part, i ended up catching onto layouts very easily and never ended up competing the front fly.


Proud Parent
Mar 20, 2009
My daughter is really struggling with the front hip circle! She just drops and cannot make it all the way around. She gets soooo frustrated! She has been working on it for months now!
Dec 4, 2008
My kip ! I could do anything I wanted to like.. I had giants on strap bar before kip !
My kip toook far to long.. like I think almost a year !
Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Definitely kips. I still have trouble with them! It's so frustrating. I have been working on them for a year (with a 4 month break over summer) and i still can barely do them. I have to fight for them a lot of the time. I can do standing backtucks, full twists, backhandsprings on beam...but I'm still trying to get a consistent kip!...Bars is not my thing
Sep 11, 2008
North Carolina
The thing that took me the longest was a back-hip circle!! It took like a year to get! But I geuss bars in general, cause I could not do a pullover w/ two legs for the longest!! lol! But now I love bars!
Mar 7, 2009
kips... they took me FOREVER and my coach was dancing when i made them and took me to get ice cream in the middle of practice because i finally made them.

gym law mom

Proud Parent
Dec 23, 2006
For my gymmie, BWOs on beam. They still are not consistent to this day. Took awhile for the bhs to happen on beam too, but that is now a solid skill for her.
The front hip circle and the kip took me foreverrrrr, but I still think the kip was the hardest for me. The front hip circle was probably due to coaching. I had the same coach when I had trouble with that. I remember she always said we could throw a party when I completed it. Well the first week I switched gyms I got some new tips, and yes I made it haha. But definetly the kip. I definetly struggled with that. I remember going down to the school playground with my dad practicing until it got dark and he made me go home.

I wouldn't really count the skills I had trouble with due to fear, because it was just overcoming it, sticking it and all that was fine.
Feb 8, 2008
My long hang kip was the bugger. It took me 6 months to get my kip, but a consistent long hang kip took me two YEARS. I moved up to level 6 when I sill didn't have it consistently. I did it a few times when I first got my low bar kip, lost it for meet season, got it for 3 practices over christmas break, and then couldn't do another one for a year and a half. I hated them with a passion!
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