OT What to wear for my job interview?

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Jun 14, 2022
Hi guys! I have an interview for a coaching/admin role tomorrow and I have no idea what to wear. It’s been a while, and I think last time I wore sportswear because I was asked to actually do a little bit of coaching as part of the interview, but this time I assume I won’t be as it’s in the middle of the day when kids are at school.

Thoughts? It’s a fairly informal interview (organised through a friend) and wouldn’t seem right to wear corporate/typical interview attire to a coaching job anyway
When we have someone in for an interview. Some dress up a little, like a dress etc. Some wear sports gear, some wear t shirts and mini shorts.

It does t affect whether or not I hire them. All options work, it’s the vibe that you get from them that really determines whether I hire them.
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We typically ask interviews to wear nice athletic attire.

It’s not so much what someone wears as far as I am concerned… it’s more that they care about the position. Some of our best employees only really had enough money to purchase nice clothes after they were hired.

While I wouldn’t recommend skateboarding to the interview with a Beavis & Butthead t-shirt… this would not change the interview at our gym. I would ask how they planned on getting to work each day and give them a staff shirt to wear during the interview.
A lot of gyms are chronically understaffed, so I doubt that attire would matter. Avoid the ends of the spectrum: no bikinis, no tuxedos, no offensive iconography.

When I interviewed recently, I needed to "take a tour of the gym" (i.e. take my shoes off). So, honestly, my best advice is that you should wash your feet and make sure your socks are clean before your interview.
Almost every gym in the country is chronically understaffed. If you show up for the interview on time and sober, you'll get a job offer. You could show up in full pirate regalia and they'll probably still hire you.

(That's not hyperbole; I once had an interview that happened to be on International Talk Like a Pirate Day)
Even being understaffed I would not hire anyone who wasn’t a positive, enthusiastic, hard working, caring, good role model for the gymnast.
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