For Parents Where can I find a small tank top?

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May 26, 2008
DD wants a tank top with "Gymnast" spelled out in rhinestones. I've looked all over the internet and can't find one small enough. I need a 2T or 3T. They have them at the proshop at her gym in pink, but the CS is a 5/6. Any suggestions of places to look?

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I bought Gymnast rhinestones (iron on) on Ebay and ironed them onto a jacket.

The UK site sells them so I guess the USA Ebay site may have some sellers that sell this type of iron on item. It might be an idea for you to buy the tank top which fits in the colour that you want, and put them on yourself.

Hope this helps.


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Nov 15, 2008
Hi, my answer is similar to the above, you can buy iron on transfers on-line and then get the tank in the size you need and iron it on yourself. It's alot cheaper too! Just do a search for rhinestone transfers and you should get plenty of pages to search a few at a time takes a bit of practice sometimes to get them on the right way! I don't know what color tank you want, but I bought a pack of 3 white from Kmart for $4.99, they were Hanes...and remember to wash inside out! Good Luck!!
May 26, 2008
Thanks guys. I'm not very crafty, but I think even I can handle that. I never even thought to make me own.
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