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Aug 10, 2008
I'm a rhythmic coach and I have one level 5 gymnast who is complaining about sore wrists. She is 14 and has a larger body type. She has been really working on her bwo. Her wrists always hurt a little in bridges, but now with the added bwo practice they are really bothering her. We are working on making sure she doesn't just "drop" onto her hands in her backbend (panel mats, dropping the height as she progresses). She has good shoulder flex (arms stay next to ears in backbend and in kickover from panel mats, bridges pushing chest against wall to warm up) and very good back flex (she is a rhythmic girl). We are thinking about wrist support and wondering what people reccomend.


Club Owner / Manager
Mar 23, 2009
West Midlands, England
If my gymnasts complain of wrist pain, I normally put it down to poor technique (because normally they complain whilst they are learning something and it is still inconsistent) I am a big fan of tiger paws wrist supports. I only encourage my gymnasts to wear them for a short time though - just until the pain goes, and they have the skill well enough that it doesn't hurt anymore.

IF the pain continues once they have the skill, and tiger paws aren't doing anything to help, I'd recommend that the gymnast seeks medical advice - in fact, it wouldn't hurt to get it seen to anyway in case there is a medical problem.


Deleted member D3987

tiger paws or regular wrist supports [if worn properly] will do. you did not say how long this has been going on. there are body type considerations. and whether the athlete is hypomobile at the wrist joint. if she is not able to 'flex' her wrist to 30o [palm facing away and pulling fingers and hand towards the forearm] a further problem could develop. PUV [positive ulnar varaiance] is the most common which is precipitated by tendonitis. how long this has been going on would be useful.
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