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  1. NewGymParent

    Parents Private lessons at lower levels/young ages

    New to the sport. How common or expected private lessons at young’s ages/lower levels (L3/age 6) the concept sounds crazy to me, but seems to be commonplace. And perspective is appreciated.
  2. Cedesg

    Coaches How do I get kids ages 4-10 to listen and stay on task?!

    I’ve been coaching for 5 years anywhere from preschool to competition team. I’m at a new gym that does things differently, instead of beginner,intermediate, advanced classes it’s by age ‍. They also want us to do all four events in an hour AANND teach them level 1 routines for “in- house meets”...
  3. A

    WAG What is tested in a try-out for girls ages 8-12?

    Hi, new here. My daughter is 9 and will be trying out for competitive gymnastics next weekend. Her gym holds try-outs every spring and post the info on the gym wall and send home flyers to all the rec gymnasts. My daughter started the rec program there 4 years ago, but took 1.5 years off due...
  4. S

    Parents Ages for meet levels

    Do Child A, B, C, D/Junior A, B, C/Senior A, B, C categories have set ages to them, or do they vary by meet? Does anyone know what they mean for Ozone (TN)? Thanks!
  5. jenjean70

    MAG What ages/ levels can go to state in your area?

    I was looking at the website for our state meet and I noticed that in our region only level 6 (8-14), level 7 (10-14), level 8 JO (12-14), level 8 JE (11/12), Level 9 JO and JE (13/14), and level 10 JO and JE (15-19) and then JD can go to the state meet and therefore regionals. I assume that...
  6. rosiekat

    MAG Ages & levels

    These are simple questions, but I can't seem to find the conclusive answers anywhere. My understanding is that you have to be (competition age) 10 to compete USAG L7. You have to be 11 to compete L8 JE. You have to be 12 to compete L8 JO. At age 12, you *have to* compete L8 or go to JD. Is...
  7. M

    WAG Levels and ages...

    Im simply curious; What age and level is your daughter? My daughter Hayley is 8 and going into level 6 My daughter Payton is 11 and going into level 9
  8. D

    WAG Activity Adaptations different ages

    Trying to finish my log book off and need to write how I'd change an activity for 5-7 year olds and then Teenagers. Ideas? Thanks.
  9. Mom2Chickadee

    Ages for Aspire 1?

    Recently, I was reading the changes to the Aspire Program and noticed that the ages for Aspire 1 are 8-10. Does this mean that 8 year olds can now compete and be judged? Is this a change across the board for the new JO program in Canada? DD just turned 7 and her coach told the parents...
  10. A

    Parents Ages, hours, Pre-team and TOPS

    Wow just typing out the title seemed like a mouth full but I definitely could use some advice. My DD is 5 years old, and is in an accelerated rec class. Not exactly a pre-team but on track for that hopefully later this year. About 3 weeks ago she was asked to start tops training part time (2...
  11. gymnast9261

    WAG Ages at xcel?

    What is the "normal" age for someone to compete silver/gold/platinum at you gym? We started a bronze team, and most of the girls are 6/7/8. We don't have higher levels (yet), and since I'm being moved to xcel, I was wondering what to expect. :)
  12. R

    ILP levels ages

    How old are your girls and what International level are they in?
  13. C

    Ages for competition

    Hi, just wondering if someone can tell me how old boys have to be to compete? And also is it 5 or 6 for girls as I have heard both. Thanks in advance
  14. C

    Boys gymnastics levels and ages...

    Can anyone enlighten me? I'm almost certain I found the ages at which the boys can compete and at what level the other day but now I can't find it :-( Just curious at this stage obviously but it's always good to actually know something :-D
  15. Orangesoda

    WAG typical ages at different JO levels

    I'm pretty new to this whole gymnastics scene, so I'm hoping to gain some generalities regarding my daughter's trajectory within the sport. I know as parents, we all want to believe our kids are exceptional (and they are of course), but I guess I'm trying to figure out if mine is exceptional at...
  16. D

    WAG common ages and reasons to quit

    Hello! I was wondering how long a "normal" body can stand gymnastics training on average? I know a lot of girls who have done gymnastics when they were young. They were probably Level 6 or so and not too competetive, but quit at age 13-16! And when they are in their 20s, they can maybe do a...
  17. kitkat

    Parents Question about US Competition levels and ages

    Our club will be attending a competition in the US. I have looked at some of the results and I am confused on how they break up the groups. In Canada they are level and age. Sometimes the age is a couple of years together. Is it the same in the US? The ones I looked at said junior or senior...
  18. Ari97

    WAG How do they typically divide up the ages at competetions? (For xcel, usag, or aau)

    Does anyone know how they divide the ages up in competetions typically ? For xcel, usag or aau?
  19. K

    Parents Ages on Team

    One thing I have noticed in our gym is that the girls on team are not typically as young as some of the ones mentioned here. For instance, my DD is in a practice group for Xcel Bronze and her group is the youngest. She is the second oldest in the group. There's one 7 year old, one 9 or young...
  20. JoyAvenueMom

    Parents Looking for coping skills for girl drama - mixed ages

    I looked through some older posts and can tell this has been an issue for many others. DD is new to her group of 6 girls. The ages are 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 15. DD is 8, and emotionally mature for her age. The group spends 12 hours per week training together. Since joining the group, DD no...