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  1. E

    WAG Back Walkover - how to connect dropping back into a bridge and kickover

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with my back walkover. I have no problem with falling into a bridge on one foot and doing a kickover on a flat floor, but I cannot do a back walkover. I lose momentum when I fall into a bridge on one foot, and I have to pause to regain the momentum for the...
  2. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Back walkover series

    Hi I was practicing switch leg back walkover swing through cartwheels for fun because my coach told us to try to connect skills. Should I do this or should I practice handstand back walkovers or double back walkovers. I will eventually need to to a back handsprings series, so what should I be...
  3. D

    WAG Do you actually need a back walkover to learn a bhs?

    Just a question for Chalkbucket coaches: I'm highly inflexible, and I learned my bhs being able to do a bridge and a terrible backbend. My coach said it was fine to learn handsprings without walkovers, and the most important thing to have learned before a bhs is a strong shoulder block and...
  4. everydaygymnastics

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    Hi I have been working in my back walkover on beam and I have a mental block. I can do the walkover fine but I am scared my hands will miss the beam. Any tips?
  5. D

    Anon Help with Back Walkover?

    Hello :) I can do a backbend kick-over and a front walkover but I struggle with doing a backbend on one foot that I need to do for a back walkover. Does anyone have any advice for that? Also, I have mediocre back flexibility, so if anyone has a stretching routine for back and shoulders, can...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Inconsistent back walkover

    Ok so today I got my back walkover back after losing it 3 months ago and when I get home to keep practicing it’s usually a hit or miss. After I finally do it and I go for it again I can’t do it. I either land on my hands, land on my hands kick over but not completely, or land on my hands and...
  7. G

    WAG BWO vs BHS on beam

    Hi! I'm currently a level 4. (Very late). For level 5 beam, I was wondering if you could learn a BHS without learning a BWO since I had a back injury and BWOs hurt a lot. FYI, I did train back walkovers about 9ish months ago. I wouldnt want to compete BWOs since they hurt my back a lot, so is it...
  8. Alwaysready

    WAG Backwalkover problems

    Hi I'm an xcel silver gymnast and have been doing gymnastics for around 11 months now I can do alot of skills except a backwalkover I just dont understand how to kick up into A split handstand any advice will help
  9. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Is there a reason to do HS BHS vs BWO BHS?

    Just out of curiosity! At one of our gym locations everyone is training BWO BHS for series, at another they’re all training HS BHS. Mine will do either HS BHS or BHS BHS, she doesn’t do BWO so literally just curious on gym philosophies? Is there a reason why some coaches would choose one series...
  10. E

    Coaches Back walkover advice

    Hi all, Could you guys let me know what you think of my daughter's back walkover please? She has recently learned this skill so we are still working on straightening that second leg - any tips on how to do that would be much appreciated. She's currently in recreational and in her age group...
  11. gymnastics<3

    WAG crooked back walkover

    Okay, so I had problems with back walkovers on beam for a while. My right leg leads my kick over. I would always put my left hand in front of my right hand instead of in a butterfly position. I almost never got them together in the butterfly position, and when I did, it was crooked, again with...
  12. M

    WAG Stretches for back walkover

    So I am working on my back walkover, and I was wondering if anyone has good stretches you recommend for your back? I have heard from friends and the internet that bridges can be really bad for you, plus they make my lower back really sore, so I’m trying to not just do those. Also, (sorry for 2...
  13. G

    WAG Back walkover on beam

    I have all skills for level 5 on beam except for back walkover. I know I can do it because I've done it exactly how you would on a beam except on a line. Everytime I go on the beam I get scared and don't go. Any ideas how I could get over this fear so that I can move up?
  14. K

    WAG Back walkover: non-kicking leg going out to the side???

    Good news is we finally fixed the shoulder flexibility and opening up issue for my daughter's back walkover- yay! Now though when she kicks back her non-kicking leg is going out to the side making her go off course and twist and fall over to that side. What is she doing wrong? We don't have...
  15. XcelGymnast_0

    WAG Xcel gold BWO BWO on beam

    I am currently a xcel gold I sort of my back walkover back walkover on the beam. I was wondering if you can compete a back walkover back walkover on beam in xcel gold. I probably won’t but I was just wondering if you can. thank you
  16. Em09

    WAG Too many Back Walkovers

    So I managed to do to many bws and my left loxer back can't do it without a twinge of pain. I am resting it and it is getting better, but any tips to help the recovery speed up
  17. G

    WAG back walkover on beam

    My daughter is working on her back walkover on beam to train up for next season but she is scared of going backwards. Its a fair fear but she is nearly entirely doing it on her own, with a very very light spot and Im looking for ways to get over the fear. Any ideas?
  18. G

    WAG Back Walkover Backhandspring on beam

    I'm in level 7 and can't quite seem to connect my back walkover back handspring, I was wondering if anyone can help me overcome my fear of this skill?
  19. G

    WAG Arm problems in back walkovers

    My daughter used to have a really solid back walkover but stoped practicing it due to a back injury, she’s trying to get it again but now when she’s going in to the bridge her arms give out from under her. Are there any good things to practice strengthening mostly elbows, but your back walkover...
  20. M

    Parents Help me understand- bhs vs bwo on beam ( fear)

    Hi! I like to understand things, but having a hard time with this one. My daughter has a fear of bwo but says that bhs is less frightening because ... She sees the beam earier and has time to readjust. ? Does it make sense or not ( explanation of a 9 years old) . She recently switched her...

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