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  1. Nugtastic

    Coaches Hoping I can get some advice on choreography for a floor routine

    I’m hoping this is like “allowed” or whatnot but my dancer/gymnast friend and I choreographed an Xcel Silver floor routine. We just had our first meet & as much as I am proud of them floor did not go as well as i’d hoped. The girls love their routine and so do I, but i’m not sure if the...
  2. A

    Anon Choreography

    I’m not sure if our gym actually teaches the choreography dance part when it comes to their floor routines. This is her first year being able to pick music and not have a set routine given by the coaches. Does most gym coaches assist with choreography? It appears the level coach is helping level...
  3. S

    Parents Choreography Cost?

    My daughter is currently level 5 so I am trying to plan ahead a bit. I'm curious how much you paid for music and choreography(beam and floor) for your level 6/7 routines and how many levels did you keep that music and choreography?
  4. Gymnast2009

    Parents Floor routine music/choreography

    So I need to pick out a floor music for excel gold and I have to get it from jumptwist music but there are so many choices. I also really like the song A Million Dreams as I am sure many do lol. But I do not see that in the catalog. I know I can get a custom cut for a song but thats expensive...
  5. T

    NCAA NCAA choreography

    Anyone else find that NCAA floor choreography is devolved into nothing more than shoulder shimmies and butt shaking?
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Floor routine choreography

    Hi all, I need to choreograph a floor routine but it’s been a while and I need some inspiration! I will be using a cut of this music: Can anyone recommend some routines/videos on YouTube etc with similar style music I could watch?
  7. S

    WAG Choreography

    I don’t have any type of dance background, but going by some comments that I’ve heard, our team has bad choreography. I looked it up, and it does seem like bad choreography deductions can add up. What’s the maximum deduction that a judge would take for choreography? Would it be 0.2 for poor...
  8. T

    Coaches Choreography rotation ideas.

    I come from a MAG background and steadily transitioned into WAG over the years. I remember the more advanced or high level gyms I coached at in the past having choreography/dance rotations for the girls, but I never had any part in them or any idea what was going on. They were usually done in a...
  9. dmbgymnast

    WAG Beam Choreography

    My coaches and I have started creating my beam routine! However, I'm supossed to come up with different poses. How do you figure out what poses you do, where do you find "inspiration", if you will. Thank you!
  10. munchkin3

    WAG Lots of dance in choreography, good or bad?

    I have a question for those who have experience, or judging perspective. DD new floor routine has a lot of dance. It is good, and very much reflects her personality and she has plenty of time to really practice and make it good. My question is, does the dance factor ADD to the quality, (and...
  11. Y

    Parents Judging choreography

    Considering all other things being equal, how much better can a floor/beam routine if the judge likes one routine more than another? ie. if the choreography or music fits a gymnast really well, or if a routine just has a little more pizazz?
  12. stargazer

    WAG Choreography

    I'm choreographing my own routine this year and am looking for some inspiration. I particularly liked Jordyn Wieber's 2012 routine because while it wasn't necessarily graceful, she had great musicality and it was mature and fun to watch. I want to avoid making my routine too pose-y, and I love...
  13. F

    WAG Starting to do Choreography

    Hey everybody! I was just wanting to know if anybody had any advice on starting to do choreography for gymnasts. I am toying with the idea to be an independent choreographer. I am not currently coaching at a gym, nor do I have any real affiliation with a gym. How would I go about finding...
  14. S

    Parents 1st choreography. Thanks everyone

    My DD just got her first (level 6) choreography this morning. I love it and so does she. You were all great at helping me understand the cost and other aspects (ie feeding the choreographer). Thanks
  15. profmom

    MAG boys' floor choreography

    Curious after reading through the thread on the girls' side -- how does your gym do choreography for the optional boys' routines? Now having been to some optional meets for girls, I can see how good choreography that plays to a gymnast's strengths can make a difference. I would imagine it is the...
  16. GymBeeMom

    WAG Choreography?

    Does your gym hire a choreographer for beam and floor or do your coaches design the routines?
  17. D

    Coaches What makes good choreography?

    OK, so after our level 5s and 6s compete State, we will be switching them over to xcel for the spring. Since I have a dancing background I have been volunteered to do their routines. I know all the rules for xcel, and I know how to choreograph for a show, but what is the difference in a gym...
  18. P

    Choreography in MG

    Anyone know of any good resources about choreography and posture in men's gymnastics? Thanks!
  19. stargazer

    Choreography and execution of routine (video)

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if you would be able to take a look at my floor routine video and let me know what you think about the choreography and my execution of the routine. I always feel that my teammates' routines are more interesting and pretty than mine, and I'm not sure whether this...
  20. G

    Coaches Beam Choreography?!

    Okay so I'd like to ask all you artistic people to do me a favour; watch this video and let me know how this beam routine is. I've never choreographed a beam routine before, and as I was a MAG, I'd never had one myself. I know that her skills need work and it needs cleaning up, but just let me...

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