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  1. G

    Parents Costs to participate in Xcel team?

    I know every gym is different, but in your experience, what are the costs for your daughter to be part of an Xcel team for the year? If you could list each expense and how much $ for each that would be much appreciated! Also what area you are from, however specific you are comfortable with.
  2. JBS

    Parents Travel: Flights Cancelled & Rising Costs (Time To Worry?)

    I saw a thread about this over on Fierce Board (Cheerleading Forum) and am wondering what everyone thinks here? Is anyone worried about travel meets this year due to cancelled flights? How about rising ticket costs? Here are some recent stories...
  3. Scotsgirl


    I always gasp when I see posts from the US and Canada about the costs of going to competitions etc, am I being naive here ? as so far we have only had a few wee competitions a year and these have not cost much at all . Now dd has been on another pathway since summer she could be preparing for...
  4. B

    WAG How much for start up costs?

    Of course the numbers will vary dramatically by region, size and type of building and business but I'm just trying to get a general sense of the numbers. I'm having a hard time estimating mine. I have estimated legal costs, advertising, building and utilities, permits, equipment and furniture...
  5. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Summer gymnastics camps costs?

    OK, this is completely out of curiosity since I don't think we'd do any camps quite yet. I was looking at the camps in the USA Gymnastics magazine and noticed the Karolyi's camp is like 1/2 the price of the others! I must be missing something...I would think if anything it would be more...
  6. gymmomtotwo

    Parents Leotard Costs

    Is a $230 leotard really necessary for Level 4 gymnastics? Does an expensive leotard really lead to higher scores? What is the motivation behind this excess? I have paid for 16 hours plus an extra 4 hours for TOPs training without blinking an eye. For some reason this irritates me to no end...
  7. E

    Parents Leotard costs

    Just curious: How much do you pay for competition leotards?
  8. Iwannabemargo

    Hours and costs

    The posts in the main forum got me thinking : How much are us UK guys paying for gym hours ? Is yours a sliding scale, do you get discount for more hours ? Thanks 'Margo
  9. G

    Private lesson costs?

    How dear are your gym's private lessons? My gym's privates are $25 for 30 mins, therefore $50 for an hour and $100 for 2 hours...
  10. taylortumbles

    How To and the Start Up Costs involved

    Recently I have been interested in judging. I have read quite a bit on the USAG website and trying to understand it all. If anyone would like to shed some light on this I would be very grateful as well as the start up costs involved. Thanks!
  11. meeeshymoo

    Parents Gymnastics Camps and Costs

    My daughter is off to Easter Camp in a weeks time. This is held at her gym so she will be a non resident and will get a reduction in fees due to that. Camps do not seem to be popular here in the UK, however I notice from a lot of the threads that there are many in USA. I am curious as to how...
  12. J

    Gym startup costs

    Hello all, I'm interested in starting a gym about three years from now with my wife when I leave the military. She's been doing gymnastics since she was 10 and competed as a level 9. For the last nine years or she has been coaching classes and team. I have always dreamed of starting a...

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