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  1. S

    WAG Region 6 developmental camp

    I am wondering how girls get invited to region 6 developmental camp? Totally curious as to the process and criteria. Thanks for any info!!
  2. JBS

    WAG Level 10 Developmental Nationals

    How did everyone do at Nationals in Daytona? I have to say we had a blast. We were completely busy the entire time. Wish we would have stayed another day or two. We did the Richard Petty NASCAR ride along experience at Daytona Speedway. We ate at a cool historic restaurant that was right on...
  3. T

    Parents Developmental Team??

    My 6 year old recreational gymnast is going to a tryout for developmental team. They said the tryout would be 15 min I have zero idea what to expect. Anyone know what they will look for or ask my daughter to do??
  4. L

    Parents Pre team/developmental programs

    Hello, My daughter just turned 5 a few days ago and has been doing gymnastics since she was about 3 1/2. I didn't like the way some things were being handled at her gym so we did a trial class at another gym where they instantly asked for her to leave the class we were trying and moved her into...
  5. S

    Parents Return to developmental after one season of Xcel?

    My 6th-grader had kind of a rough year on Xcel Bronze. She only returned to women's gymnastics in the summer (after a few years of fluffy just-for-fun tumbling/cheer classes) and then joined the Xcel team at a different gym in the fall. She can do all of the skills, but not with...
  6. N

    Parents Region Developmental Camps

    Has anyone gone to their regions developmental camp? how was the experience? any insight will be great.
  7. D

    WAG Top developmental JO programs in each state

    And we made the list with 12 level tens , 10 of which were brought up from compulsory in our gym!
  8. F

    Parents Developmental Camp Invite Video Submitted!!

    Yesterday my 10 year old DD's coach submitted a video to Valeri in the hopes of getting her invited to either an invitational or developmental camp. We should hopefully have a response within a couple of weeks. Below is a link to her video...
  9. M

    WAG TOPs vs. Developmental Invite

    My daughter is past this age group but I am just curious as to what is the difference between being a TOPs A (or even B) team member and being invited to the the Developmental camp. Is one higher ranked that the other? A coach told a friend that being invited to the Developmental camp is...
  10. Ali'sMom

    WAG Question about developmental camp (after hours)

    One of our gymmies was invited to developmental camp in August. She's young, and nervous, going with coaches, not mom. We had a group go to summer camp last month, so I was able to show her pictures of the cabins, and that's helped (she doesn't like the "unknown".) What I'm wondering, so I...
  11. Ali'sMom

    WAG Developmental Camp question

    I don't know much about the camps (other than summer camps). We have a gymmie that was invited to Developmental Camp (based on coaches submitting videos). I know this is a pretty big deal (it's huge for us!), but I was wondering, is this a stepping stone to be being seen by the big name...
  12. S

    Developmental and Rec Coach openings

    We are growing! Grow with us! Seattle Gymnastics Academy is seeking enthusiastic and passionate Team and Recreational Coaches! We have 4 facilities in the Seattle area and we are in need of good people with great gymnastics skills! We support the growth of our staff in their gymnastic...
  13. T

    Parents TOPS Developmental Camp

    Has anyone heard if they are in fact having a TOPs developmental camp in May? I know of an invite camp but am wondering about the developmental one, that A & B campers can go to.
  14. G

    Developmental and Xcel Coach

    Looking for high energy person to work with out Pre-Team and Level 3-4 and Xcel Bronze. We consider the lower levels very important in the growth of our gymnasts. Basics, shaping and proper technique are a must. You should be passionate about working with ages 4-8. We are a mid sized gym in...
  15. T

    Parents TOPS developmental camp

    Does anyone know when the registration for the TOPS developmental camp in May will start?
  16. G

    WAG USAG Developmental Invite Camp

    When is the registration for the 2015 Developmental Invite Camp(s)? How do the coaches find out when registration is open?
  17. S

    Parents Developmental Invite Camp

    My daughter made TOPs national testing last year and as a result got invited to the August developmental Camp. Her coach was pretty confident she would make TOPs again this year so I hesitated on going to the August camp. It is expensive to keep making the trip out, that is basically my...
  18. jessmomto2

    WAG New member here and question about developmental class

    Hi I just joined the forum but have been doing tons of reading because gymnastics is a completely foreign world to me. MY DD is four and a half and absolutely loves her classes. She has been going to a recreational class since two and about six months ago she was moved to a developmental...
  19. GymMom1919

    Parents Developmental Camps in Texas

    For those of you that have BTDT---what does a gymnast need to bring to the developmental camps…other than the gymnastics gear? Do they need bedding? Any input of what you may have experienced would be welcome. We have a 9 year old attending in the near future. Thanks!
  20. GymMom1919

    Parents Developmental Camps

    Our daughter was just invited to one of the Elite Developmental Camps in Texas. Just wondering a few things: 1) Can parents go on the trip Or is it dependent on age? Our daughter is only 9. 2) What have your experiences been if you have gone. 3) I believe the camp we are attending is in...