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  1. J

    Starting Boys with an eye toward's Competing

    My 6 year old has been doing Gymnastics since he was 3 and really loves it his current gym is fairly relaxed and not really focused on refining specific skills. It's been a great outlet but I am planning on moving him to a place that has goals for learning and preparing for the next level of...
  2. Flip4funmom

    Parents Dad and I don't see eye to eye

    Ok just looking for advice... I hold my son to a pretty high standard in the gym aside from skills. You respect the coaches (which isn't an issue), follow the gym rules, gym time is for practice not play, be ready to get to gym on time (of course we are sometimes late that isn't his fault)...
  3. T

    WAG more black eye for college gymnastics

    http://www.komu.com/news/target-8-missouri-gymnastics-posts-abnormally-high-departure-numbers/?utm_content=buffer3fc3d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer waiting for bookworm to chime in... =)
  4. B

    WAG Gymnast with Ocularmotor Dysfunction or eye tracking problems

    Does anyone have a gymnast with Ocularmotor Dysfunciton/eye tracking problems? My dd is 9, level 4, and am preparing to have her evaluated. Symptoms are showing at the gym for vault and tumbling, even jumping to the high bar, but we all chalked it up to fear issues and her hesitating. It was...
  5. SurpriseGymMom

    WAG Eye sight-glasses, contacts, adjusting...

    So dd is mild/moderately nearsighted. She wears glasses in regular life but not at gym. She does a LOT of squinting when she's on the floor! In a week or so we have an appointment to see if she will be able to do contacts (which she really wants). I think that if she is able to get them, it...
  6. Becauseisaid

    WAG Coach's Eye for FREE!

    If you missed the last sale, Coach's Eye is on sale again. $1.99 through iTunes and Windows, but FREE for Android devices. Buy from iTunes Buy from Windows Buy from Play Store It doesn't appear that any of the tools are on sale, but it's still a good discount. No idea how long the sale...
  7. Becauseisaid

    WAG Coach's Eye app on sale

    Hope I'm not breaking any rules by pimping an app. If anyone has looked into purchasing the Coach's Eye app, it is on sale in the iTunes and Google Play stores. Normal price $4.99. On sale through 11/12 for $0.99. The coach's use this app in the gym all the time to record the gymnast's...
  8. M

    I don't want to see an xxxxxxxxx tear out of that eye! Coach says.

    First of, mediator if the implication of that word above is prohibited, please make the necessary correction. Anyway, I had posted a thread about my DD's coach telling her she could win states. She is a L7, 9 yo. Well she fell off beam and scored an 8.9 which clearly put her out of the running...
  9. G

    Parents How things can change in a blink of an eye

    All I can say it has been a roller coaster ride lately. DD was hapily training level 5 and on her way to what looked to be a promising year. She was looking polished and ready for the season. All of a sudden the plans have changed. Coaches want to bump DD to level 6. After DH and I moved past...
  10. L

    Coaches An eye catching gymnast

    For the past month I've had a gymnast thats just starting, and she's wowing me in ways I've never been wowed with in such a short time. She's got the best of both worlds when it comes to genetics and what a gymnast can bring to the table naturally. I wouldn't describe her as compact, more like...