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  1. MuggleMom

    Parents Needing fingers crossed and good Juju

    Our gyms big meet is this weekend and my little nugget competes Friday at 8am. I was up half the night with her last night she couldnt sleep did not feel well and threw up a couple times. I was bracing for the stomach flu but she seems okay this am. Fingers crossed it was just some freak thing...
  2. G

    WAG Broken fingers common when training release moves?

    So how common are broken fingers when training bar release moves?
  3. Peta

    WAG Securing grips onto your fingers with rubber bands

    Hey I have been having a heap of trouble keeping my grips on my fingers. I have seen pictures of people using rubber bands and I was just wondering if it is a good idea and how to put the rubber band on? Thanks
  4. munchkin3

    WAG Flat Palm, of fingers on pike/straddle press

    Is there a difference? I notice the flat Palm presses are harder, but a friend of mine who is a coach also feels it can put unnecessary stress on the wrists. For competition, I know girls are not really doing these in their floor routines like the guys, so I am talking about for conditioning...
  5. gymgal

    WAG Bump/warts at nail beds on bar grip fingers?

    Anyone else have this problem? Dd has developed bumps on her fingers between her last knuckles the nail on her two fingers that go into the grip holes. They don't look like traditional warts but I can't imagine what else they could be. They don't really look like callouses either. They don't...
  6. C

    Cross your fingers and toes

    Ok this Sat at 5pm is DD's first meet of the season with her new gym!! Everyone send the gym faries and cross all your fingers and toes to give her the luck and confidence she needs to do well. I know I'm so nervous but she is more excited with a little nerves thrown in. Hoping for that...
  7. MaryA

    Fingers and Toes Crossed...

    First level 5 meet tomorrow. Kathy had (according to her) her "worst practice EVER!" tonight and left in tears (that has NEVER happened). Here's to hoping that my darling daughter HAS FUN tomorrow and is able to focus on the things she does well and not get bogged down by the things that she...
  8. F

    Fingers and Toes Crossed

    DD's next meet is at her old gym. We have been back since we left a year and a half ago. People, including owners, were mostly friendly. Just hoping she feel comfortable there and does her best. Her coach told he last night she can probably compete a meet in June as a Level 7, after...
  9. C

    Parents Cross your fingers!

    Beth's one HC told her that Beth "might" be earning a new floor routine. Beth is VERY excited and is willing to use an old routine of someone else's rather than have one choreographed just for her--just to get something different! Not holding my breath, but it sounds like she might not have...
  10. gymjourneymom

    Meet this weekend...cross your fingers...

    DD has a meet scheduled for this weekend(L7). I'm hoping & praying practice goes well this week! Due to her recent set backs, related to fear issues, she maybe competeing just 1 or 2 events. I think she needs an army of fairies to help her many can you guys send???? Maybe a guardian...