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  1. E

    WAG front walkover help (back flexibility inbalance?)

    I have been trying to work on improving some of my skills & focusing more on technique. As I was watching videos of myself doing things like front walkovers and kick-overs, I've noticed that when I kick up with my good leg (right) and land on the ground with only my bad leg (left), my left leg...
  2. M

    Front walkover help

    I’m an ex-gymnast trying to get some of my basic skills back for cheer tryouts in about 4 months. I’m still decently flexible.When I quit, I had just gotten my front and back walkover. Anyways, I’m struggling with my front walkover. I just can’t seem to stand up without putting both of my feet...
  3. C

    I need help with front walkover

    I have been working on my front walkover for a couple weeks now but I keep having the same issues. My arms are straight for the first part but when my legs move over my head they bend and than my back gives out. Any advice for fixing this issue or making it easier to do?
  4. gymnast9261

    WAG Front Walkover Help?

    I have a front handspring step-out, a front handspring, and a back walkover. However, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the hang of the front walkover. It feels like I'm not getting enough push from my wrists to actually get up. Is there any drills I can do at home to get it? Thanks for...
  5. Acrogymnastmegan

    One handed front walkover

    I saw something in another thread about left and right handedness in gym and I am right handed but I do front walkovers lunging forward with my left leg. To perform a one handed walkover , which hand should be the one to go down as my right arm is stronger but I am not sure if that's right ? Any...
  6. Gymnastbecki

    WAG Front walkover on beam?

    Recently I have been trying to learn a front walkover on the beam! I can do them really well on the floor but when I get onto the beam I'm too scared because you can't see where you feet are going when you come over the top! I'm scared that my foot will slip off or miss the beam! How do I get...
  7. S

    WAG Front walkover on beam before back handspring?

    Is this typical? and how do they compare difficulty-wise? *I don't want to ask DD*
  8. L

    WAG how can i do a back and front walkover???

    I try it at the wall the front walkover and i get scared and i say tommorrow i will do it, and the back i cant push my leg. I am a begginner 12 years old.
  9. J

    Front walkover help!?

    Any advice on how to get my front walkover?!
  10. Salto

    Front Walkover beam help.

    Okay so when I was a level five (now four) I had my front walkover on high beam no problem, I stuck them every time. We took a little break from front walkovers and now I cant do them even on the low beam. I get to a split handstand and just turn of. Any tips? P.S I have my front walkover on...
  11. Committed

    WAG Front walkover question

    DD has been trying to get her front walkover for awhile now and is having a problem with the landing. 99.9% of the time, she lands on her toes and her leg gives beneath her, and she ends up on her back. What's the issue? Thanks!
  12. E

    Front Walkover Help

    Hi I am a level 3 gymnast and i need to get my front walkover before i can go up to level 4. Does anyone know how to get it. I can get to bridge but can't get up:( Any comments would be appreciated.
  13. All Chalked Up

    Front walkover front tuck

    I was just thinking how cool a FWO-FT dismont off beam would be. I've never seen before. You can't compete flight element in my level so FHS-FT is out of the question. It's bonus if you have a connected dismount. Can't do CW-BT (I can't cartwheel- I can do FWO, BWO, BHS but not a cartwheel...
  14. Iwannabemargo

    Front Walkover

    I know its not amazing to many but DD had a light-bulb moment today and has managed her front walkover. She has had a front limber for months but not the step-out, and today she just started practicing on the carpet ( much to her brothers' disgust as they were playing on the Wii) and after...
  15. d0nut_l0ver

    Front Walkover Drills...?

    I'm really close to getting my front walkover. Really, REALLY close. I get up a few inches, but then I either fall back or fall forward. Does anybody know any drills or strength exercises that will help me get my front walkover? Because failing at it again and again isn't helping- at all.
  16. G

    Front Walkover on Beam?! HELP!

    So I have been trying to get my FWO on beam.... Here is the thing, Im not scared! BUT... I cant get over! My split handstand is fine, but when I try to do the walkover...NOPE! I just cant get that foot down! Does anyone know some tricks? :mad:
  17. H

    front walkover/back walkovers

    What can I do to get my strength up before starting training on them.. I used to be able to do them at home. but now it is pitiful. any suggestions?
  18. A

    Front Walkover on Beam?

    Hey all, Competitions are coming up and I really need my front walkover on beam ASAP. Any tips or advice? Thanks
  19. All Chalked Up

    Front walkover

    I have had my front walkover for a really long time but I would always land in a squat. I was always using my left foot to start, so I tried using my right. I got it perfectly :), but I'm wondering if it will mess other skills up for me in the long run. Does anyone have advice? Thanks!
  20. G

    Front Walkover (on Beam)

    Ok, so I just started working my front walkover on beam on wednesday. I got it on thursday. But right now I can only do it on the medium hieght beam. (abt. 2 ft, maybe higher off the ground) I have this fear issue with beam, and even if I have a skill perfect on lower beams, it takes me sooooo...

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