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  1. A

    Coaches One-Day Gymnastics Camps

    Hi all, My gym has decided to start holding one-day gymnastics camps on the days that kids are off of school (MLK Day, President's Day, etc), and I am in charge of coming up with the activities and the schedule! Have any of you worked one of these single day camps before? What sort of...
  2. skschlag

    MAG World University Games

    The World University Games Start tonight!!! The men compete at 2am EDT and can be watched on Here is the US team with Peru:
  3. JBS

    Coaches Team Game / Activity Ideas

    This is a really cool idea for a fun team activity (maybe with pool noodles though)... Anyone else have any cool activities for the gym?
  4. JBS

    Off Topic Super Bowl LVII (Game / Commercials / Halftime Show / Food)

    It's almost time for the Super Bowl... just starting this thread to talk about anything Super Bowl... including Buffalo Wild Wings! Here's a couple of things to talk about...
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    Off Topic The Last Of Us (the game, the show, whatever)

    Anybody else watching the show? I loved the first game, have mixed opinions about the second, and am LOVING the show so far.
  6. gym_dad32608

    Parents To play or not to play the social media game, sex sells?

    From the NYT "New Endorsements for College Athletes Resurface Old Concern: Sex Sells". Many conversations about insta-gymmies. But the fact of the matter is there is now real money to be had, life-changing money for girls who cultivate a large social media following. And without a doubt, sex...
  7. bogwoppit

    Off Topic Shameless video game plug

    In a way I may out myself doing this, after so many years, but my son has developed a video game, that will release on August 10th. It is super cute, and super inexpensive and it also supports the planting of a tree for each purchase. So if you have the urge to try a super little game, from a...
  8. reannybeanz

    Coaches Game ideas for tumbling classes?

    I coach a few classes, all with different age ranges (2-4yrs, 3-6yrs, 6-14yrs). In my younger classes, I never know what to do for the full class. I usually do lots of stretching and drag it out, then I make an obstacle course and have them do that for the rest of class. What games could I add...
  9. JBS

    Parents Gymnastics Gold - Family Dice & Card Game!

    Gymnastics Gold is a great dice & card game that I highly recommend. You can see my review of it at the following link...
  10. G

    Coaches FUN game to practice a front limber??

    I need some fun ways to practice the front limber at home. Any ideas please?
  11. KSLaura

    Coaches Social distancing games and drills

    Hi- As our gym is preparing to re-open, I’ve been trying to come up with good games and drills to keep kids (particularly young rec kids) at appropriate distances. I have a few ideas, mostly involving each kid at a station with a panel mat. I was also thinking about incorporating hula hoops for...
  12. M

    Off Topic Talk to me like I came from prehistoric times about video game systems

    Long story short, my husband and I have never purchased a video game system for our kids and have never in our lives used them ourselves. Kids play some things that are available online on the computer, that is it. Now we are looking for something to keep 2 teen sons and 7 year old daughter...
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    Off Topic The Video Game Thread Strikes Back

    So what's everybody else playing these days? I recently played and loved Octopath Traveler; it's been a good 15 years since I enjoyed a JRPG this much. Visually stylish, stunning soundtrack, fascinating lore, loved it. Thoroughly enjoyed Breath of the Wild, got all the shrines but not all the...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Training game: brainstorm/game design

    The other day I came up with a workout game that can be used on all events. Each basic or routine skill is worth a certain number of points (which you only get for clean execution), and each upgrade skill costs a certain number of points. Basic skills also have bonuses for specific performance...
  15. G

    WAG Games to make routine repetition/numbers fun

    Coming up to competitions, I was wondering does anyone have some fun games to make doing high volume routines more fun?
  16. Jard.the.gymnast

    Off Topic Games on Casio fx-cg20

    For school we had to get a Casio fx-cg20 calculator (see the picture below, it is a graphing calculator). I Finally found out how to put games on it. I cant find too much good sites to get games from though.. does anyone know good sites to get games from? They have to be G3A files. And before...
  17. coachmolly

    WAG Team Game Ideas

    We have an issue in our gym of the lower level and upper level girls being treated like 2 totally separate teams. So for the summer, I'm trying to come up with something that will facilitate some type of positive interaction between the two groups. My plan is to split the girls into 4 teams of...
  18. A

    Commonwealth games - which sessions to choose?

    Anyone thinking of going? Tickets open today. Thurs - MAG team/individual Quals then team finals Fri - WAG team/individual Quals then team finals Sat - MAG & WAG AA finals Sun & Monday - Individual apparatus finals MAG & WAG...
  19. NY Dad

    GAME: Last Letter Food

  20. notthatmom

    Parents My gymnast is.... Phone Game!

    Ok so if you're on chalkbucket on your phone, play along! Type in "My gymnast is" then hit the middle button for text prediction....I promise it will be hilarious. Ready...go!

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