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  1. chalkbucket

    [Meet] UGA Invitational

    UGA Invitational
  2. chalkbucket

    [Meet] California Grand Invitational

    California Grand Invitational
  3. chalkbucket

    [Meet] Star Struck Invitational

    Star Struck Invitational
  4. chalkbucket

    [Meet] OZONE Invitational

    OZONE Invitational
  5. chalkbucket

    [Meet] Brestyan's Invitational - Boston

    Brestyan's Invitational - Boston
  6. chalkbucket

    [Meet] Alamo Classic Gymnastics Invitational

    Alamo Classic Gymnastics Invitational
  7. JBS

    ChalkBucket Invitational / Meet Discussion Area

    Would an area with a discussion thread about each of the major gymnastics invitationals be interesting to anyone? Maybe a link to the meet and some information as well?
  8. D

    WAG Northern Lights Invitational!!!

    Hey! I love gymnastics a lot and I am hoping to go to the Northern Lights Invitational next month. I have just started competitive in September and have improved a lot and have been in two competitions this year. Any tips on impressing the judges? I did really well at my last comp- I got 1st All...
  9. D

    WAG Kelowna Invitational

    Hi! How many people are going to the Kelowna invitational this month? It is my very first competition ever! Is the competition tough? I’m very excited tho

    WAG help please, looking for an invitational in April close to Canada

    Hello everyone, Our club is looking to attend an invitational for the girls to participate, We are from Canada and meets are rare this year. Level 9 or 10 but if possible , the club would rather like to have something that showcases hopes, junior and senior elite category... to prepare their...
  11. C

    WAG For those heading the Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational (GGI) this weekend...

    Make sure to keep your eye on the weather especially if you are flying into CLT today. Most schools in the Piedmont and Triangle area of NC are closing early today for severe flood warnings and tornado watches. Weather should be fine by tomorrow but still concern for flooding for river levels...
  12. M

    Parents Brestyan’s invitational Boston Schedule

    Can someone send my the meet schedule for Brestyans 1/17/20. Looking for levels 7 and 8. Still don’t have it and need to book hotel! Thank you!
  13. C

    WAG Tim Rand Invitational, FL

    Has anyone been to this meet? We're headed there in less than two weeks and would love any tips or ideas on things to do with our team while we're there.
  14. e'smum

    Parents Pink Invitational - floor volunteers anyone know???

    So I noticed that you can volunteer to be on the floor at the Pink Invitational. For my dd's meet there are 4 spots open for 9.0 ribbon counters. It says you are on the floor. I'm guessing it means the kids get a special ribbon for any scores of 9 on up per event. Is there anyone here that...
  15. M

    Parents Atlantis Crown Invitational

    Hi! We are going to the Bahamas next month for the Atlantis Crown Invitational. If anyone has ever been, do you have any suggestions for things we must do/see while we’re there? Also, did you attend the welcoming ceremonies? Our coach says this is optional. I’m wondering if we should plan...
  16. N

    WAG 2017 Las Vegas invitational

    Does anyone know where to find the list of girls competing in the elite qualifier this weekend?
  17. Aero

    WAG 19th Annual Star Struck Invitational

    This is the biggest meet we go to all year, far bigger than even the State Championship meet. This year, there are over 3,000 gymnasts attending the meet over four days. It takes place in Atlantic City, NJ, and it's my favorite meet. It's so fun and very well run. I booked myself a room in the...
  18. T

    WAG Atlantis Crown Invitational

    we had a great time at this meet- if you have chance, would highly recommend!
  19. G

    WAG NCAA collegiate meet at Ozone Invitational?

    So we found our tentative meet schedule for Ozone in TN. Of course, YDD is competing Friday afternoon and ODD is sometime on Sunday :rolleyes: So we were thinking of going to the collegiate meet on Saturday night. Do we need to buy tickets ahead of time, or is it an at the door kind of thing...

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