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  1. amiandjim

    WAG Interesting turn: Bela and Martha Karolyi suing USA Gymnastics

  2. GymDad9.9

    WAG USAG Backs Out of Buying Karolyi Ranch

    just read USA Today story off Twitter feed.
  3. NewtoGym

    Marta Karolyi is a code-*****

    http://www.newyorker.com/news/sporting-scene/how-to-really-watch-olympic-gymnastics Awesome article on why the US is so dominant. Talks about how Marta has maximized routines and why so many gymnast do our favorite wolf turn.
  4. flippingtogether

    Martha Karolyi in today's Wall Street Journal

    USA Women's Gymnastics continues to go mainstream in this Olympic year, with an article in today's Wall Street Journal about the future of the team after Rio - who will take the reins after Martha? And how will the direction of the team change...
  5. S

    WAG Camp Karolyi Skit Night?

    My daughter is leaving for camp Karolyi tomorrow. One of the things she is supposed to pack are supplies for skit night, but that's all the information we have. Anyone know what to pack for this?
  6. A

    Off Topic Karolyi's camp: my personal experience 2015

    Hi, my name is Erin. I'm writing this because I couldn't find it anywhere else and I know that last summer I could have used a resource like this when I was going to camp and seeing what it was like. I hope this helps someone. Thanks! First of all, and this is really important, you're going to...
  7. G

    Parents Camp in May at Karolyi's?

    So after practice our HC/owner told me she had found a camp that SHE and another coach want to go to in May, but they need a gymnast to take with them. She would like to take YDD because she is the right age and level (9yo L5/6) and maybe ODD (10 yo L6). She said it is in Texas at the Karolyi...
  8. M

    WAG Martha Karolyi to step down after Rio ...

  9. Ali'sMom

    WAG Having trouble calling Karolyi's - anyone know if they had storms or such?

    I've been trying to call Karolyi's since Friday, and it's a constant busy signal. (I'm trying to confirm registration at summer camp for one of our girls). A week before the phone call try, emails were returned rather quickly, but now we also haven't heard back from mid-last week. (which is why...
  10. Ali'sMom

    WAG Questions for anyone who has been to Karolyi's summer camp

    Hi all, I'm not looking for "advice" about the camp, as our gym is going as a group, and DD is registered. I've got the "I've never been there before" questions. a) did you pack a leo for every day? b) did you pack a lot of fun clothes? did you need them all? c) we were told they have...
  11. L

    Parents Experience with Karolyi's camp?

    This is a two part question. I know Karolyi's camp does coach training camps where the coaches who get trained can take kids from their gym. Any info about this? Is there a minimum age they can take and is that flexible? Next part is what are your thoughts on the regular camp?
  12. JBS

    WAG Spoiler Alert!...Marta Karolyi and the US System

    Looks like Marta's system is now proven...what are your feelings on Marta and the US national team system?
  13. JBS

    SPOILER ALERT!...Bela Karolyi Thinks We Made a Mistake?

    Bela Karolyi thinks we should have put Jordyn Wieber up last on floor and that this could have cost her the AA spot. What do you think?...below is the article... Key to U.S. women's gymnastics gold lies with Jordyn Wieber
  14. K

    Has anyone ever been to Bella Karolyi's gymnastics camp? is it a good camp?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering If anyone here has been to Bella Karolyi's gymnastics camp? I was wondering how it is and If I should go to it. Any thoughts would be helpful:) Thanks!
  15. M

    Has anyone been to Karolyi camp? Questions

    My daughter is 8 years old & just finished her first season competing level 5. She will be attending the Karolyi camp this summer with her coach & a couple of girls from her gym & a few more from the state. I've tried calling & emailing the camp & haven't gotten any response, so I'm hoping that...
  16. L

    Looking for a group of gymnasts to attend Karolyi sleep-away camp

    As a parent of a 7 year-old gymnast who wants to attend sleep-away camp, I am very nervous.. Any others out there? anyhow, if a small group is coordinated, the group organizer can attend.... please let me know if anyone is interested in attending... we are looking at the early June 11 session...
  17. S

    Karolyi Camp - Where to stay?

    Hello! I have a young daughter who will be doing the commuter option at the Karolyi camp. I wanted to stay as close as possible to the camp. Does anyone have any recommendations? Hotels? I was even considering renting an RV and camping if that would be more convenient. Thank you.
  18. T

    Parents Karolyi Camp

    My dd, Jamy, is at the Karolyi camp for the Westerns/Easterns 9s and 10s. She is having fun and trying to perfect her Geinger, among other things. I don't think she' ll use it until States or Regionals. She has lost some of her enthusiasm in gymnastics. I am praying that this will re-ignite the...
  19. lccmac

    Marta Karolyi

    We watched the Tyson Cup today on tv. I couldn't help but notice that Marta Karolyi was giving LOTS of attention to Rebecca Bross from Woga. Here are a few things I was wondering about: -As the National Team Coordinator, is it really necesary for Marta to be out on the floor during competition...

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