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  1. JBS

    WAG 2023-2024: List of large Level 10 Gymnastics Teams (10 or more L10's)

    I just thought this would be an interesting thing to list. Just post all of the clubs that have 10 or more Level 10's this season and I will add them to the first post of this thread. Post a link to their website or social media and the state they are in if possible. Large Level 10 Teams (10+...
  2. A

    Anon Training Level 10 at age 7?

    Hello everyone, I came across a page of a child gymnast, she’s been discussed here before for unsafe gymnastics practices. I’m not gonna post her name for obvious reasons, but her and her mother recently talked about how her plan is to train level 10 once she is 7. The true minimum for level 10...
  3. M

    Parents What does your daughter’s schedule look like as a lvl 10 gymnast?

    What does your daughter schedule look like as a level 10 gymnast?
  4. F

    WAG Daughter just turned 11, wants to hit lvl 10

    So my girl, just turned 11, will be in Gold this year, she could of been in Gold last year according to her old coach, but we switched gyms and we were fine to roll with Silver. She scores in the 39's, first in state, etc. Our gym goes from Platinum to lvl 6 or some go from Gold to lvl 7. I'm...
  5. A

    Anon Level 10 stressed about state meet

    My daughter is a first year level 10. The bars have been a struggle for a variety of reasons. She lost her bars coach in January, and it has been very difficult to get consistent bars coach the remainder of the season. She is very stressed about the state meet. Her other three events have...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Qualities of Compulsory Gymnasts that Predict Successful Level 10/Collegiate Careers

    Are there things you look for in a L2/L3 gymnast that indicate she might be successful in making it to L10 or college? We had a coach tell us that she thought my daughter had what it took to make it to L10 and onto a collegiate career. Our gym does send several girls to college for gymnastics...
  7. L

    WAG Level 10 bars

    Would any judges or level 10 experts be able to provide some feedback on a level 10 bar routine? We are trying to figure out where all of the deductions are to hopefully clean it up and/or she and coach might make some changes? Please PM if anyone is willing to take a look.
  8. D

    WAG Ready for level 10?

    My DD has just turned 13 and did 1 year of level 9. Her coaches want to put her in level 10 for this coming competition season which for us starts in late February. I personally don't think she is ready. Here are the skills that she has or almost has! Beam: bhs layout series, aerial, side...
  9. G

    Parents Level 9/level10

    Does anyone here on level9/10 did or plan to have a post graduation year for dd, so they can have one more year to get more mature and leveled up to be on college team?
  10. G

    Coaches Do we need pit for level 9 and level 10

    My DD feels very comfortable staying a small gym without pit. She is practicing level 9 skills . I am worried about their facility has no pit , how much this wud affect the learning new skills of level 9 and level 10?
  11. G

    Parents Level 10, college gymnastics team recruiting

    I am thinking about how college recruiting gymnast. Besides competing on level 10, what average scores of level 10 competition are the minimum scores to be considered on the D1 college team in general?
  12. Anonymous Post

    Anon How strict are judges with floor music length? (L10)

    I’m wondering how precise/strict the 1:30 time limit is for L10 floor music. Just got the cut back and the file length is 1:32, the music ends at 1:30, but there’s sort of a lingering tone that goes to 1:31. The routine itself would be finished by 1:30 but wondering if she could get dinged for...
  13. F

    WAG Start value for L9 and L10 WAG vault- Kasmatsu Full

    Anyone know the start value and FIG code for the Kasmatsu Full for Levels 9 and 10 girls. Thanks in advance :)
  14. J

    WAG Anyone know the value of these skills (for L10 and/or NCAA)?

    Just for fun, wondering what these are worth. (I think maybe some of them have changed in their value recently?) I may be using the wrong terms, but hopefully this makes sense. BARS DISMOUNT: - toe circle to front tuck - toe circle to front tuck half - toe circle to front tuck full - any...
  15. gym_dad32608

    NCAA UCLA bringing L10 coaches to round out staff

    Very forward move by Janelle, not expected, bringing in husband/wife from L10 club world. Kyle and Autumn Graber. Anyone have any experience with these coaches? Maybe UCLA is signaling they are moving away from elites and international elites that have traditionally filled their roster...
  16. D

    WAG Level 10 vault start value question

    Does anyone know what a front handspring front pike vault is worth in JO? I am talking about running and hitting the table like for a level seven front handspring and then doing the pike out of it….not doing an extra front handspring onto the springboard and then doing the front pike. (I know...
  17. F

    WAG Level 10 beam mount downgraded

    My daughters beam mount just got downgraded from a D to a C... In the grand scheme of things, how does that effect her start value for beam?
  18. D

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    If anyone can help me with this, I would appreciate it. I need the bonus value of a switch leap, split jump, split full vs a tourjete half, beat jump, split full. Which one would give more bonus? My daughter thinks it would be the latter, because it’s an E,A,E vs a C, C, E. Anyone?
  19. J

    WAG Any changes to L10 scoring/skill value? What about NCAA?

    Now that Chalkbucket is getting fun again ;) I thought I'd pose this question.. I saw the thread about L9 getting a difficulty bonus, and am inferring (though perhaps incorrectly) that there are more changes to the code that will be in place next year. Somebody mentioned that a front tuck on...
  20. O

    Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    Looking for suggestions on how to build confidence and motivatation. There have been several elite gymnasts that are not doing elite meets anymore and just the regular competition meets. Most have been accepted by colleges already. They compete in the same competitions that a non-elite gymnast...