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Level 2 Gymnastics

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  1. Gym_momma

    Parents Level 2/3 training hours

    My daughter is currently in level 2 and will move to level 3 once she gets her front hip circle. I'm curious how many hours others at similar levels train? She is 7.5 and doing 9 hours/week.
  2. LYoungblood

    Parents Level 2

    I would like to get some insight on what other parents felt about their gymnast competing level 2... Please don't tell me it's a waste of time/money Our gym decided to have my gymnast compete level 2 because she was missing more than 1 level 3 skill and because she has never competed before...
  3. K

    Parents 7yo Level 2 Casting Mental Block

    My daughter started gymnastics about a year ago and fell in love. She did so well in her rec classes and wanted to try out for team, so we let her. She was placed level 2, and is now experiencing a mental block with casting high. She says she is afraid, but was never afraid in her rec class to...
  4. G

    Parents Level 2 or Level 3

    Which parents have had their kids compete level 2 and 3 vs. only level 3 and up? Do you think level 2 helped them in their gymnastics career or it didn’t make a difference, did they seem more prepared having competed level 2 or they jumped into 3 or 4 with no issues.
  5. M

    Hi, I’m mom of 7 yo level 2 gymnast.

    Hi, I’m Adele, mom of 7 yo level 2 gymnast.
  6. D

    Parents Level 2 doesn't know her routines

    What happens at a competition if a child doesn't know her routine or forgets a routine? Can a coach talk them through it? What about missing skills? Can a coach spot them? My daughter is almost five and is supposed to compete level 2. She is missing a few skills and doesn't know her routines...
  7. A

    Parents IGC Copper vs USAG Level 2

    Hi, My YG is currently in pre-team and was invited to Level 2 for next year. She has all the skills, working on polishing. I would like to switch her to IGC, because she is very interested in dance, and I think it fits her personality better. (I also have an older daughter going to level 4, so...
  8. C

    Parents Should this JO Level 2 girl be done with gymnastics?

    Coaches appear to think my daughter should be done with competitive gymnastics. I am struggling a bit to accept this as she works super hard, has been making significant progress and got a >36 AA score at Sectionals (9th of 18 in her age group). She is 9 years old and just finished her first...
  9. G

    Parents Moving from IGC to USAG Level 2

    Hey everyone - this might sound odd, but in today's competitive culture - is my daughter starting "late" by being 8 years old (turns 9 in October) and starting at Level 2? I am new to this and just got a strange vibe from some Level 2 moms yesterday about how their kids are 7 and younger. I...
  10. C

    WAG Level 2 - Scores or Ribbons?

    Why do some level 2s get scores and some only get ribbons?? These are different gyms in the same state and seem to be the same age kids.
  11. J

    Parents transitioning from level 2 to 3 - advice for a new gymnastics mom please!

    Hi, I'm new to this group and also a newer gymnast mom...hoping for some advice from other parents. My daughter just turned 7 and just finished her level 2 fun meet season. She did not do level 1 and is the youngest on her team in level 2. They are about to test for placement for the next...
  12. amiandjim

    WAG Level 2 bar deduction question

    Hey guys, have a quick question about the level 2 bar routine. I know hooking your knee at the end of the mill circle is a 0.5 deduction in level 3 and had always assumed the same for level 2. I am now hearing their is no deduction for hooking the knee in level 2. Any judges or coaches want...
  13. flipnastic

    Parents My proudest moment today (l2 vault)

    :p:p:pMy daughter messed up her run on vault today, but was determined to make it over anyways! I thiught some of you may get a kick out of it.;)
  14. flipnastic

    Parents Typical age level 2?

    I'm just Curious...my dd went to her first meet yesterday (level 2). My assumption was that there would be mostly 5-6 year olds competing, but the majority of the girls..especially the dominating teams who scored mostly mid-upper 9's, seemed like they were quite a bit older..maybe ranged from...
  15. D

    WAG Level 2 music

    so some of my little L3 s were competing in a mixed session with L2 s yesterday. Wow! The L2 music ..... It's the first time I got to hear it , Felt like I was in a Disney movie for 3 hourso_O
  16. flipnastic

    Parents Level 2 bar dismount

    just curious of the reasons coaches will choose to do one dismount as appears to the other...originally, the girls were working on the feet on the bar/shoot off (excuse my lack of knowledge of terms! Lol) they have changed the dismount they are doing to a cast->hips on the bar->shoot off. Is...
  17. flipnastic

    Parents Level 2 hours

    I have a 4 year old on level 2. I've seen several of y'all say your level 2 gymnasts practice more than 2 hrs/week. What's the norm? We just started this gym, and they have an excellent track record of sending girls to college on scholarship, so I know it's a good gym. Just curious about...
  18. G

    Parents Too Much, Too Soon? Level 2

    Hi all, I'm brand new to the forum, and my daughter is new to gymnastics. I'm not sure if this is a question for a coach, or parent. Any input/advice is appreciated! I actually have two questions/concerns... 1) In a matter of 4 months, my 7 year old daughter went from a Beginner in a...
  19. ErinEclectic

    WAG Lvl 2 bars deduction

    DD had an in house meet recently and her coaches had her do a straddle dismount. She got a deduction and is now working a pike dismount to get ready for her next meet. But I was just curious as to what the deduction for that would have been?
  20. 1

    WAG Level 2 Beam Mount tips

    Hi! My daughter is really struggling to keep her legs straight on her Level 2 beam mount (while they are swinging to the push-up position). She is getting frustrated and is looking for tips. She says she is squeezing them as hard as she can but they still bend just a little. In general, she...