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  1. Gymnast2009

    WAG front tuck, round off backhand spring, and long hang pullover drills

    I’m very close to to my front tuck and I’m landing them in a squat inconsistently onto a mat ground level in the pit, but what are some good drills I can set up, preferably on rod or normal floor, I don’t like doing it on tramp because I over rotate and so I don’t punch as hard and then when I...
  2. G

    Coaches Long hang kip and baby giant problems

    Hi! I coach a group of 9-10 year old girls who are in level C here in Finland. I know it doesn't say anything to you so let me explain. It's the second compulsory level in the order and the first level where kip is needed - sort of. Their routine is done on high bar only (wooden) and it has...
  3. G

    Coaches Long hang pullovers and hip pain

    I have a problem. I'm teaching my gymnast long hang pullovers. There's two of them in their next bar routine. We work on those on strap bar mostly because the kids cannot yet maintain correct shapes on real bar (partly because they just recently got grips). The thing is that the kids did...
  4. aileenmaryf

    Coaches Long hang pullovers & Bars in General

    I coach high school gymnastics where it is very common for girls to join who have little/no gymnastics experience. I think one of the biggest challenges is bars. During practices I am mainly in charge of the JV group in which I have one girl who has a "solid" routine (pullover, back hip x2...
  5. Tally Ho

    WAG Long hang pull over

    We have a little gymnast who just cannot master this skill, it's causing her to get upset and frustrated now. She can do a chin pull over standing on a block but when it comes from a hang she just cannot do it. We are working on chin ups and leg lifts etc, does anyone have any good ideas or...
  6. L

    WAG Long hang pullover

    I am have a gymnasts who is of heavier set and we have been working hard to get her long hang pullovers . does anyone have tips or drills to help me out?
  7. catou

    Coaches long hang pullover

    Hi everyone! I coach a group of CR2 gymnasts (For those who aren't coming from Quebec, I'd say it's about between level 3 and 4 in the us depending of the apparatus). So they did really well this year in competitions so the objective for me is to have them competing cr3 next year, and for that...
  8. livelifetumble8dx

    Long hang kip?

    okay well the glide kip came really easy to me but this kip i just can't figure it out and its starting to be really frustrating. I want to move on and start working other bar skills, but i can't until i get this long hang kip. I did it once, but it must of be luck or something because i haven't...
  9. shadow

    long hang pullovers

    i have a few girls that are just starting to work on these on the high bar. what are some drills to help them get over. we haven't really tried anything yet so i don't know anything about their pullovers....
  10. fishchimes

    Glide/Long hang kip cast

    My kips have improved a LOT over the past couple of months, but the problem is, I'll do a nice straight arm kip, and then... nothing. I'm just on the bar. Or worse, my hips won't even be all the way on the bar and I'll kind plop down on the bar after the kip (not possible to cast out of that). I...
  11. gymgurl

    long hang/swing pullover

    Well i have my first competition in 6wks and need a swing pullover. Well i think i could do it if i knew a bit more about technique like when to tap, at the moment i am tapping like a normal swing just harder, where to tap etc and any other technical details i should know. any other useful...
  12. GetaGrip

    Long Hang Pullovers

    I would say I like level 6, except for long hand pullovers. Every single day, and meet, a slam my hips onto the bars when it is completely unnecessary :bawling: I every casted to handstand and I still did the say thing. I connected it once and got a score 5 tenths higher than usual. Please help...
  13. munchkin3

    Long Hang Pullover or 3/4 Giant??

    Is there any difference at all between a long hang pullover vs. 3/4 Giant? I sometimes hear the L5 are working on LHP.....they tend to show a bit of a slowdown between the pullover and undershoot whereas the L6-7 do it very fast and with a lot of strength.... It there a technical difference...
  14. X

    Long Hang Pullover

    I was just wondering if anyone has any drills for this skill. My new level sixes are learning these and I would love to get some new drills.
  15. countrygymnast94

    Long Hang Kips and Back handspring on beam!!!

    I can never get my kip consistant. If i want to move up i have to. How do you think i can get it consistant?? I dont know what i am doing wrongn some of them times. Also i am working on back hand springs on beam. but i always miss my feet. and my arm are bent. what can i do to stop this!? Please...
  16. C

    Long hang pullover

    I need help w/ drill for this on high bar. I have a girl that can do push away long hang pullover but not from the jump to high bar. she doesn't have a kip to high bar and I need her to get to high bar w/ some skill...:confused:
  17. flpflp7

    glide kip & long hang kip

    Is a glide kip & long hang kip considered the same skill? I can't find long hang kip in the code of points. I'm asking because I need to know if this routine would work for lv 7 bar routine. Kip, cast, clear hip, kip, squat on, long hang kip, clear hip, flyaway.
  18. V

    Coaches BabyGiant/ long hang to pullover

    Is there a trick to getting a baby giant/long hang pullover to look nice and quickly transition into the underswing in the girls lvl 6 bar routine? It seems like a lot of girls kind of flop onto the bar and struggle to get their heads up, while others just make it look so easy! Just curious.

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