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  1. A

    Parents My USAG app

    Anyone know who to contact when the My USAG app doesn’t update? My kiddo had states a few weeks ago and her scores still aren’t loaded. I know about my meet scores and other sites it would just be nice to have everything in the app. Just curious Thx!
  2. Coach Kate

    Off Topic New year, same myusagym

    Love that myusagym is down yet again. Why on earth can't they figure it out? It worked for a few hours yesterday morning and nothing since then.
  3. Gilby30

    WAG MyUSAgym app

    Does anyone know why the MyUSAgym app is always down this year? It's really frustrating! Also, if anyone has tips for finding the Wisconsin DP Optionals State Championship live scoring, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  4. 3gymnastmom

    Parents What’s wrong with the myUSAgym app?

    Hello there. Does anyone know what’s going on with the myUSAgym app and website? I haven’t been able to find the results for a meet this past weekend (1/9/22) and the problem seems beyond just my inquiry. While on the app, I get “error loading events” not only for “results” but for “meets” as...

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