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  1. J

    WAG Doctor accused of abusing 177 male students - the Nassar hearings inspired some to come forward

    Ugh. We knew it wasn't limited to girls or to gymnastics, but still so sad. The reason I'm posting in the WAG forum is b/c I find it interesting that in this article a man...
  2. M

    Parents What has your gym done in response to the Nassar Scandal?

    Has your gym done anything in response to the Nassar case? Released a statement on safety at the gym, proposed a workshop for their athletes on speaking up to protect their well-being, or anything else? Also, I would like to know if you think they should do anything.
  3. G

    WAG Surprised Nassar Didn’t Flee The Country…

    When all the information about him started coming out, I’m surprised he didn’t try to flee the country and go into hiding. It just shows how overly confident he was that he would continue to get away with this stuff like he always had before. It seems he thought everyone would continue making...
  4. oplei

    WAG Wondering about Men's Team (former or current) about Nassar

    I haven't seen reactions in the media about either former or current Men's team members about what has happened to their teammates and (most likely) friends. Has there been a cry for organizational change from them as well? Nassar's victims were girls but boys are just as vulnerable to...
  5. bogwoppit

    WAG Jennifer Sey has her say - Nassar - USAG
  6. bogwoppit

    WAG Miss Val - UCLA - speaks on USAG - Nassar

    This is a must read.
  7. profmom

    WAG coach roasts Nassar I don't think this is going to get any mainstream media attention, but thought some here might want to see his statement.
  8. LindyHopper

    WAG The latest I've seen... (Nassar)
  9. G

    WAG Creepy Nassar Video

    I was just browsing conditioning videos on youtube and ran across Nassar's Youtube channel in the suggestions. Well I clicked a few of his videos and this came up. Skip to 2 minutes, he is yanking on this girls leotard in a very unnecessary way. Supposedly to demonstrate how the ankle twists or...
  10. azara

    WAG Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    Apologies if either of these two brave women have been mentioned already, but I haven't seen it yet and I think it's vital that the recent accounts given by Tatiana and McKayla be shared. Please read their stories in their own words, my short summaries are not enough. Tatiana...
  11. amiandjim

    WAG Aly Raisman criticizes USAG/USOC for handling of Nassar scandal And good for her!!
  12. notthatmom

    WAG No sponsorship, thanks to Nassar....

    So I was talking to our gym owner yesterday about the US Classic since we were there, and he worked the event. I told him I noticed that Secret didn't sponsor the meet this year, and it was weird to see an event that wasn't named/sponsored by anyone. He told me people are pulling their...
  13. GymDad9.9

    WAG Federal Child Pornography Charges Filed Against Dr. Nassar

    Just saw it being reported on ESPN mobile app.
  14. LindyHopper

    WAG Nassar arrested

    That's all I know. the news said "...more at 11..."
  15. GymDad9.9

    WAG New Sexual Lawsuit Targets Nassar, the Karolyis, USA Gymnastics, et al

    per Suit also involves verbal and physical abuse...

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