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  1. C

    WAG Regionals - lower numbers than usual - any insight?

    So I put this in a post about region 8 but wondered if anyone in any region had some insight. I noticed for NC level 7, in 2019 the top 105 girls (out of 213 competitors) made it to regionals. This year, it says that they will only take 56 girls. I wondered a few things: 1- are other...
  2. G

    WAG Games to make routine repetition/numbers fun

    Coming up to competitions, I was wondering does anyone have some fun games to make doing high volume routines more fun?
  3. JBS

    WAG Level 10 Numbers By Year

    Here are the numbers of Level 10's in the US for years I could find... please post if you have any others... 2008: 1,684 2009: 2010: 2011: 2012: 2,258 2013: 2,337 2014: 2,492 2015: 2,690 2016: 2,865 2017: 2018: All information was found in the following threads...
  4. PNWMtnDude

    WAG USAG numbers

    Are there publically available numbers regarding the number of current gymnasts in USAG, grouped by level? The only published statistics I could find are from 2008. It was fascinating looking at the groups and the data trends. Wouldn't mind seeing if those trends are still valid (like the large...
  5. T

    Parents Cell Phone Numbers for College Coaches

    Any chance anyone has a list of these? Lol - I am looking for UGA... Thank you.
  6. flippingtogether

    WAG Numbers of L9 and 10s moving from Regionals to Nationals.....something seems crazy!

    It's a big Regionals weekend, so I was looking at the data around the country for this year. I find this crazy: It has to do with the number of qualifiers at L9 and L10 moving to nationals.... (I know this came in discussion a while back ago, and was REALLY hoping things changed. It appears...
  7. profmom

    MAG Level 8 numbers

    Our region isn't quite done with state meets, but one very interesting development here is that the number of in age Level 8s has crashed. I was thinking our state was an outlier, so I did some poking around, and at least among states that have had their meets, it's not. I guess that's very good...
  8. Scotsgirl

    Parents Decorating numbers

    DD has her first 4 piece comp coming up next month and she has came home with a note to say she needs to decorate her number , we are in Scotland and I have never heard of this . Please someone help anyone got any ideas , I am more of a stick man artist , do people go with a theme maybe...
  9. M

    WAG Doing numbers and small vs. big meets

    I am now member of the board of our parents' association as well as the appointed liaison between parents and coaches. Before I approach the coaches and/or before our board comes to a decision, I was hoping to get your insight first. 1) the mothers are concerned our beam coach (really has no...
  10. E

    WAG Same girl, multiple different usag numbers

    is there a reason why someone would register several different usag#s to the same girl? When I look up our team results over the year she is registered in one meet with one number and another meet a different number in the same season. When I look further she actually has 4 different numbers she...
  11. G

    Coaches Conditioning numbers

    We just today had strength testing with my girls and I'm happy they all have increased their maximum numbers but at the same time I'm a little worried. How should I organize the conditioning when the strength level of this groups varies A LOT? These are their results just to give you an idea...
  12. C

    Coaches Optional Bar Routine Numbers

    On average how many bar routines do your optional level athletes complete during any given workout?
  13. B

    Coaches When numbers isn't enough

    Second meet today. 4 out of 8 level 4 girls fell (3 on cartwheel). Last meet 5 out of 8 fell (6 falls total). Every day they have to make 10 cartwheels, 10 handstands, and 5 routines in a row. They can easily and quickly complete that assignment. So I know they can do these skills. We...
  14. Kiwi

    WAG Conditioning numbers - is this normal?

    DD says her coach makes her group do 100 box jumps, 150 tuck jumps, and 20 lengths of the floor for depth jumps. She also said that one day when one of them complained about the box jumps, the coach upped it to 150 for all of them. Is this normal? It seems like a lot to me. (Last week DD had...
  15. gymgal

    WAG scholarships by the numbers

    There is another thread about early verbal commitments for college scholarships, the fairness of it, and whether it ruins the chances of other gymnasts who have taken a little longer to get to L10. It got me thinking about the true chances of girls getting scholarships. There is a number...
  16. gymgal

    WAG What numbers specify gym size

    There has been a lot of talk on the forums lately about switching gyms which leads to discussion about gym size ('smaller programs don't have the experience at the upper levels'), which got me thinking... What do you consider a small, medium, large gym program - for both total team and...

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