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  1. S

    Parents Olympia Gymnastics Camp (Svetlana Boginskaya)

    DD is going to Olympia Gymnastics Camp for the first time, and I just wondered if anyone had experiences to share; things to know, etc. She is very excited! She is level 5 this fall, 6 in Jan.
  2. GymMom67

    Parents Svetlana Boginskaya Camp

    Has anyone sent their DD to a Svetlana Boginskaya Camp? She has one in our city, and compared to other ones I have seen, it's pretty affordable. We already have her registered for a non-gymnastics camp for this summer, but I thought I would ask if anyone has any experience with this one. My...
  3. N

    Camps in NC

    Can anyone recommend any good gymnastics camps in nc?
  4. C

    WAG College Camps

    Has anyone been to Penn State summer camp? Looking for a camp where my daughter can aquire new skills not just work on stuff she does all summer at gym. She will be 10 and Level 8 next summer.
  5. T

    Parents How far away for camp??

    Yes, I know it's November :). However, I'm a planner- my career demands it of me, lol. I'm looking at summer camps for next summer for DD. I know it's super early but DH and I both work so we have to plan stuff like this as far in advance as possible. DD is 7, level 3. She has attended gym day...
  6. L

    OGC Camp

    Hello. My daughter has asked about going to the OGC Camp this summer, run by Svetlana Boguinskaya (sp.?). Does anyone know about this camp? Is it worthwhile? Is it an intensive training camp or more of a fun camp? My daughter is an optional level gymnast, and I am support her desire to...
  7. B

    Parents Gymnastics Camps

    I know this may be a bit early, but are there any good camps? We live in Memphis,TN and all we hear about is FlipFest in Knoxville, TN. We've been there and by DD liked it, but would like to get out of TN. I'm looking for something that is within a 4-6hour drive. Any suggestions?:)

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